3-Day Strength Program for Kickboxers, MMA Fighters, and Grapplers

3-Day Strength Program for Kickboxers, MMA Fighters, and Grapplers

The 3-day program consists of three days of heavy lifting followed by two days of light weights. Heavy weights are usually between 50% and 75% 1RM (1 repetition maximum).

Light weights are generally between 15–25% 1RM. A good rule of thumb is to start with lighter weights so that your muscles don’t get too sore after the first day’s work. You will then gradually increase the load until you reach your desired level of fitness.

For example, if you want to squat 300 pounds for one set, you would perform five sets of 10 reps at 60% 1RM. If you want to bench press 200 pounds for one set, you would perform six sets of eight reps at 45% 1RM.

After completing all the sets, rest 30 minutes before repeating the cycle.

The main goal of the 3-day program is to build up your muscle mass while increasing your strength. The idea behind this type of training is to stimulate growth hormone levels which increases protein synthesis and decreases breakdown.

This helps you gain lean muscle mass without adding fat.

Make sure to pick your weights wisely though, because over-training can also be counter-productive.

For the first week, do 1-2 warm up sets and 1 work set. For example, if you are bench pressing, start with a lighter weight to get the feel of the movement then add an additional 45 pounds and perform 6 sets of 5 reps.

3-Day Strength Program for Kickboxers, MMA Fighters, and Grapplers - | Gym Fit Workout

Rest for 2 minutes after each weight before moving on to the next.

For the second week, do 1 warm up and 2 work sets. Use the same weight from last week and add 5 pounds for the second set.

So, if you finished with 315 pounds for your last work set, this week you would perform 5 sets of 5 reps with the weight at 320 pounds.

For the third week, do 1 warm up and 3 work sets. Add 5 pounds to each set so that you are lifting the equivalent of your 1RM.

So, if you were able to complete 315 pounds for 5 reps in your first work set last week, this week you would perform 5 sets of 5 reps with the weight at 320 pounds.

For the fourth week, deload and rest. If you feel the need, you can decrease the weight by 10% and perform 5 extra sets.

The fifth week is the start of a new 4-week cycle. Pick a weight that is 10% lower than your 1RM and do not add any additional weight during the cycle.

If you finish a work set with the feeling that you could have done one more rep, then the weight is too heavy. If you finish a set and feel like you couldn’t have done another rep even if your life depended on it, then the weight is too light.

The second 4-week cycle is a little different. You are going to start by selecting an additional 5–10 pounds for your 1RM.

Each week, increase the weight by about 5% until you are back to your original starting point for Week 5. The first four-week cycle should have prepared your body and increased your stamina, so you will be able to handle the extra weight.

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Make sure to use a spotter when required and always start each new weight level with 2 sets of 5 reps just to get the feel of the increased weight.

Counting sets and reps can be a chore, so you might want to consider investing in a counter weight set. They are relatively cheap and save time by sliding onto the bar to the desired weight and then removing when you are done.

Just make sure that it is secure so that it doesn’t slide off during your set.

The 5×5 routine should be repeated for at least 3 months or until you start to stall on your lifts. You can switch to 4×5 or 3×5 to allow for additional recovery.

Since you will have built a solid base, you can start to incorporate other routines into your weekly training split.

There are many different routines out there that work. Depending on your goals, pick one and stick with it.

You will see faster progress if you concentrate on one goal instead of trying to do everything at once. Once you have achieved your first goal, you can move onto something else.

Also take into account that weight training will make you stronger, but it doesn’t necessarily make you faster. You may need to incorporate running and aerobics to reach your goal if it requires a lot of endurance.

For example, if your goal is to have the strength and skill required to climb a 30-foot wall, then you will need to train for that eventuality. You can’t expect to start climbing a 30-foot wall on your first try after training for only a month.

3-Day Strength Program for Kickboxers, MMA Fighters, and Grapplers - | Gym Fit Workout

It takes time to build up the muscles needed as well as their endurance to perform the required task.

When your main goal is met, you can always go back and achieve other goals that you couldn’t because of time restraints. For now though, pick a goal and stick with it until you achieve it.

Remember; slow and steady wins the race!

Qualities of a Warrior

Most people have heard the word “warrior” tossed around casually, like it’s nothing. They don’t realize that true warriors are few and far between.

Warriors are selfless; they will risk their lives to help those in need, even if they don’t know them. A warrior will always seek to end the fight with as little bloodshed as possible.

Warriors are also rational; they can assess a situation and act quickly and efficiently. They don’t panic in a crisis and can make the tough decisions that often decide victory or defeat.

You may be reading this and think, “I’m not a warrior.” Of course, you would be right, but with some hard work you could become one, given enough time and effort.

You must always be ready to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Be prepared to make hard decisions. Never shirk from duty.

3-Day Strength Program for Kickboxers, MMA Fighters, and Grapplers - | Gym Fit Workout

True warriors may be few, but each one is vital to the survival of humanity. If you seek glory, then you are in the wrong line of work, but if you seek to defend those who cannot defend themselves and ensure a future for humanity, then you will truly be a warrior.


The berserkergang is a rage-like state that creates a fighting machine without fear, pain, or remorse. Those who practice this art will be unwavering in battle and unstoppable against any enemy.

When your opponent sees your bulging muscles, brutal expression, and bloody weapons; they will experience terror and flee if they are smart.

This state of unbridled fury is not easy to achieve, and it has a lot of downsides. For one, you have no control over what you do in this state.

You could easily end up hurting your allies as much as you hurt your enemies. You would also not be able to tell friend from foe, so you’d have to isolate yourself before entering this state.

This berserkergang rage can be triggered by consuming a concoction brewed from various types of mushrooms. The effects are not immediate, so one must consume the brew and then rest for ten minutes or so while the magic takes effect.

Once under the spell of this trance, you will have an uncontrollable urge to destroy everything in your way. You will not be able to distinguish friend from foe and will likely attack everything you see.

The trance ends when the effects wear off, typically after 5d10+10 minutes. It’s a good idea to keep track of how much time has passed, because you do not want this state to wear off while you’re near your allies.

After this state wears off, you are very tired and drained; you suffer a -2 penalty to all rolls for 1d4 days.

Furthermore, the effects (both positive and negative) are amplified by emotions. If you are feeling anything other than fear, then the effects are amplified.

If you are fearful, the effects are enhanced. This could mean that you are more prone to flee in terror or that you become enraged by the fear.

3-Day Strength Program for Kickboxers, MMA Fighters, and Grapplers - Picture

It’s a gamble every time.

If you are calm, the effects wear off after 1d4 minutes.

If you are excited, the effects wear off after 1d4 minutes.

If you are happy, the effects wear off after 1d4 minutes.

If you are depressed, the effects wear off after 1d4 minutes.

If you are angry, the effects wear off after 1d4 minutes.

If you are indifferent or bored, there is a 50% chance that the potion will simply wear off after 1d4 minutes.

If you are ecstatic or having fun, the effects last for only 1d4 rounds.

3-Day Strength Program for Kickboxers, MMA Fighters, and Grapplers - at GYMFITWORKOUT

Curse of the Kobold

Some people are kobolds and are quite happy with who they are, but some of their family members aren’t so fortunate. There are few elves in kobold society, but those who aren’t killed as babies are taken away by elf slavers who sell them into slavery.

There are even a few rare cases of human slaves who are taken in as part of the kobold tribe.

These elves and humans do not integrate into kobold society and are kept on the outskirts, only interacting with the rest of the tribe when it is necessary. The elves and humans view their kobold masters as cruel and savage, not without cause, but the other kobolds have just as much contempt for those “lesser” beings.

This elven slave took the name Craxil, which is what kobolds refer to themselves as, when he saw his masters take on that form and rule over other kobolds, so he took on the name as a means of rising above his current station in life.

This Craxil has been making potions for the other kobolds in an effort to create a drug that will turn the lowly humans and elves into something more like kobolds. In effect, he wants to create a race of human or elf kobolds who are addicted to his potions.

Curse of the Kobold is a pale yellow concoction that slowly turns the liquid a darker yellow. The kobolds believe that it will transform their human slaves into something more subservient.

The reality is, it will transform them into something more like a kobold and render them incapable of free thought.

The effects of this one are highly unpredictable. You could also end up like Craxil himself…

Crixal has taken as his name now.

The first thing you notice is your nose drips a lot. Even a human’s would, but your nose just keeps making more and more yellow mucus.

You’re itchy all over. You find a mirror and realize that you’re turning into a kobold.

3-Day Strength Program for Kickboxers, MMA Fighters, and Grapplers - at GYMFITWORKOUT

You never really gave much thought to how kobolds look before. Now that you do, you find them kind of repulsive.

You don’t necessarily like their looks and you certainly don’t like how they live. Still, it’s better than being a slave and this change has made you smarter. You know that you could easily take the tribe since they are all still human at heart.

You decide to stick with your plan of taking the tribe. You’ve spent too much time on it to abandon it now.

After a few days, the effects have stopped and you’re back to normal, or at least as normal as you can be, but your tribesmen aren’t. There are yellow stains under their noses and their eyes have taken on a distinctly kobold quality.

They are only capable of doing the tasks you set them to now. You’re in charge and they are your eternal loyal slaves.

You’ve taken over the tribe!

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