3 Mobility Drills for Solid Overhead Lifts

3 Mobility Drills For Solid Overhead Lifts

1) Shoulder Rotator Cuff Stretch:

The shoulder rotator cuff stretches are very useful for improving your overhead pressing technique. You can perform these stretches before or after any overhead press exercise.

These shoulder stretch exercises will help strengthen the muscles around the shoulders which support the weight of the barbell.

2) Hanging Knee Raise:

Hanging knee raises are another great way to increase your strength in the upper back. They work the glenohumeral joint (hip socket), which is often weak in overhead lifters.

The hanging knee raise works all the major muscle groups around the hip socket including those around the psoas and iliacus.

3) Standing Dumbbell Curl:

Standing dumbbell curls work the triceps brachii muscle group which is commonly weak in overhead lifters. The standing dumbbell curl works all the major muscle groups around the bicep.

The best part about this exercise is it requires no equipment! Just stand with a pair of dumbbells and do some curls. Do them every day if possible!

Wrap Up:

The 3 Mobility Drills For Solid Overhead Lifts are the shoulder rotator cuff stretch, hanging knee raise, standing dumbbell curl. These overhead press mobility drills will help you improve your overhead press form.

3 Mobility Drills for Solid Overhead Lifts - GYM FIT WORKOUT

We also offered you some other great tips on how to improve your overhead press.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I also hope it helps you enhance your strength training process.

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3 Mobility Drills for Solid Overhead Lifts - GymFitWorkout

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