3 Ways to Prevent Post-Exercise Soreness

3 Ways To Prevent Post-Exercise Soreness:

1) Stretching:

Stretches for sore muscles after workout are very common. They include stretching before exercise, stretching after exercise, and stretching during rest time.

You may have heard about the stretch before exercise stretches which involve moving your leg or arm in front of you while standing up straight. These stretches will help you to prevent sore muscles from developing.

2) Ice:

Ice packs can be used to cool down your body after exercise. Some experts say ice packs should not be used because they could cause damage to the joints.

However, it is recommended that you use ice if you experience any pain or discomfort in your joints after exercising. The reason why ice is good for preventing sore muscles is that it helps relax the tight muscles and reduces swelling and bruising caused by exercise.

3) Massage:

Massaging your muscles after exercise will help to reduce the pain and inflammation. Massages can be done with hands, feet, neck, back and other areas.

3 Ways to Prevent Post-Exercise Soreness - gym fit workout

Massaged muscles will feel better than those without massage. You can also do massages at home. If you don’t want to go out of your way to get a massage then you can try using a cold compress on sore muscles.

These three ways are great for preventing sore muscles after exercise. If you do these things, you will have less pain and will be able to continue your exercise routine without interruption.




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