4 Cool Variations on the Bodyweight Dip (Video)

The Bodyweight Dip: A New Way To Train Your Triceps?

Triceps are one of the most powerful muscles in your body. They play a crucial role in many sports like weightlifting, boxing, wrestling, gymnastics and others. However they do not get enough attention from strength trainers. Most of them focus only on chest and back exercises which makes no sense at all since it’s the triceps that actually provide the bulk of power during these activities!

If you want to increase your triceps size, then you need to train them regularly. You cannot just throw them into a bag and forget about them for months or years. The best way is to use some type of resistance training program where you work with weights. That’s why I think the bodyweight dip is a great exercise for developing the triceps.

I have seen many people doing dumbbell curls instead of dips because they believe that dips will make their arms smaller. This is not true either. Dumbbell curls are easier to learn than dips, but they lack variety and therefore don’t give you any benefit when it comes to increasing your triceps size.

Dips Are More Effective Than Other Exercises For Increasing Triceps Size?

I read an interview with Reg Park, one of the first guys to build a massive upper body. He was known for his spectacular chest development, but he also had huge arms and back. He was also a strongman and could lift very heavy weights. He bench pressed over 500 pounds in competition in the 60’s.

When he was older and had retired from active competition, he once said that dips were the best exercise for the triceps.

I don’t know about you, but if Mr. Park says it, then it’s good enough for me.

Dips are also more useful than other exercises for working the triceps because they allow you to use your bodyweight as resistance. There is no need for any other equipment. You can even do them at home or anywhere else where you have a place to hang your feet.

The negative aspect about dips, however, is that you need to learn how to do them properly. If you don’t, then you risk injury to your shoulders. Most people will probably be able to learn how to do them correctly after a few tries. Those with limited strength or flexibility may take longer, but with consistency, they too will be able to do them properly.

How To Do The Bodyweight Dip:

You can do dips between benches, or between anything that’s about the right height. If you’re using benches, then it’s best to have them a little further apart than shoulder width so your legs don’t touch the ground.

4 Cool Variations on the Bodyweight Dip (Video) - at GYMFITWORKOUT

Place your hands behind you on the front bench and walk back until you’re at the right height. You want your arms to be completely straight and your body in a horizontal position.

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