4 Drills for Getting Stronger and Better at Handstands

The handstand is one of the most difficult poses to master because it requires perfect balance and flexibility. To perform a handstand properly, you need to have good strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility. You will not succeed if your body does not possess all these qualities.

Handstand Training Tips:

1) Beginners should start with simple handstands (no holds).

They are easier than advanced ones since they require less effort from the muscles involved in balancing.

2) Start with just one hand and then move up to two hands.

Do not try to hold both hands simultaneously. Only use one hand when it is necessary or if you cannot hold them both. If you are having trouble holding them, try using only one finger on each hand instead of both fingers. This will make the pose much easier for you.

3) Once you are able to hold one hand, switch hands.

Switch back and forth between both hands until you can hold both. Then switch again. Keep switching hands till you can hold them comfortably for 10 seconds or longer.

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4) Try to keep your arms straight throughout the whole exercise.

Avoid bending your elbows too much during the movement. This will improve your grip strength which is very important for handstands!

5) When you are comfortable with simple handstands, try performing them against a wall.

This will make the exercise easier as you won’t have to worry about falling over.

6) Before attempting advanced handstands, make sure your arms are strong enough to support your body.

This can be achieved by performing simple handstands for as long as you can. Start with 5 minutes and increase the time slowly.

Once you are comfortable enough with handstands and your arms are strong enough to support your weight, you can start trying handstand push-ups!

Tips for Handstand Push-ups:

1) Start by attempting the exercise against a wall.

This will make it much easier to begin with as you won’t have to worry about falling over. The wall will prevent that from happening and allow you to focus on the movement.

2) Once you are comfortable with the movement, you can attempt it without the wall for added difficulty.

Also, try to move your legs as far away from the wall as possible. This will make the exercise more difficult and strengthen your muscles even more!

4 Drills for Getting Stronger and Better at Handstands - GYM FIT WORKOUT

3) To make the exercise even more difficult, you can try rolling your hands instead of keeping them in a static position.

Move your hands as if you are rowing a boat. This will strengthen your muscles a lot and make it possible for you to do proper push-ups!

Handstand training is not to be taken lightly. It requires a lot of dedication and patience. Follow the tips given above and you’ll be able to perform perfect handstands in no time! Good luck and have fun!







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You are allowed to perform handstand push-ups against a wall for as long as you want.

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