4 Kettlebell Brands: Which Is for You

The Best Kettlebell Brand for You?

Which One Will Be Better For Your Training Goals?

In the article below we will discuss which one is better for your training goals. We have included all the information you need to make a decision. Let’s start with some background information about each brand.

Kettlebell King (KK) was founded in 2004 by John “Jack” Kosminski and Mark Rippetoe. They are both former competitive bodybuilders. Their goal is to create a product that will allow anyone to get stronger and faster without having to spend thousands of dollars on expensive equipment or training programs.

At first they were selling their products through mail order only, but then decided it would be easier if they could sell directly from their website. Since then they have expanded into other areas such as apparel and accessories.

Their products are made out of a high quality plastic called Klymit. They are not cheap looking, but they do look like they came straight off the factory floor. Each kettlebell weighs between 35 and 45 pounds depending on size.

There is no way to tell how old the bell is unless it says so on the packaging.

They offer a lifetime warranty on all their products. If the kettlebell breaks for any reason they will replace it free of charge. Even if you buy from a reseller, all you have to do is send in a photo of the broken product and they will send you a new one.

All distributors must agree to this warranty when they sign up to sell Kettlebell Kings.

Overall, Kettlebell Kings are good quality kettlebells that will last a very long time with minimal care. They offer more affordable prices and better customer service than their competitors.

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You can get more information about Kettlebell Kings here:


Beast buster (BB) was found in 2013 by twin brothers Greg and Jon “Beast” Best. They started out by selling a single kettlebell online and have since grown to one of the biggest kettlebell distributors in the world.

All their products are made out of cast iron and come in a few different colors. The vinyl covering is very easy to remove if you don’t like the color you picked out. Each kettlebell has its weight written on the side so you know how much you are using.

They offer several different types of workouts you can do with their bells. They also offer instructional videos on their website to help you get the most out of your training.

Although Beast Busters are good quality bells, they do not have much variety when it comes to weight. They only go up to 52 pounds which might be too light for some people. Their customer service is also not the best and you have to pay extra for shipping.

If something were to happen to your bell, it could take a while for them to process your warranty request.

Overall, Beast Busters are great kettlebells that will last you a very long time with minimal care. They offer more variety than Kettlebell Kings and cheaper prices as well. Their customer service just isn’t as good which is the only thing keeping them from ranking higher.

You can get more information about Beast Busters here:


My Recommendation

Making a decision on what type of kettlebell to buy is a very personal decision that will depend on your goals and how much you want to spend. Kettlebell Kings are the best overall bells because of their lifetime guarantee, cheaper price, and better customer service. Beast Busters are good bells, but their cost is more than KB Kings and their customer service is not as good.

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If you still aren’t sure which one to try I would suggest getting a 35 pound Kettlebell King. They are cheaper than the competition and you get the best quality. You can always buy another one later if you feel that it isn’t heavy enough.

Whatever you do, just make sure you pick one up. Kettlebell training has been proven time and time again to be the best all-around exercise for increasing fitness. Even if your main interest is building strength, you will get a great boost from training with kettlebells.


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