5 Common Stretching Pitfalls

1) Static Stretches: Too Long!

Static stretches are those that last longer than 10 seconds. You should avoid static stretching exercises that last longer than 30 seconds. For example, if you do static stretches for 15 minutes, then you will have stretched your muscles for only 2 hours and 20 minutes.

If you want to achieve maximum results with your training, it is better to stretch less often or not at all.

2) Static Stretches: Not Enough Time!

If you don’t get enough time to stretch, you won’t reap the benefits. So, make sure that you spend enough time to get the best results from your stretching routine. For example, if you need to stretch for 15 minutes before going out for a run, then start stretching after breakfast instead of waiting until lunchtime.

3) Static Stretches: Not Properly Done!

It is very important to stretch correctly. When you do static stretches incorrectly, you may injure yourself. There are several ways to properly perform static stretches.

You should use the least intensive methods and stretch for longer time. When your body gets used to a certain level of stretching, you can gradually increase the intensity of the exercises and the length of time you hold the stretches.

5 Common Stretching Pitfalls - gym fit workout

4) Static Stretches: Not Flexible!

People are not flexible by nature. In fact, most people may never become super flexible, even with daily stretching exercise. There is no point in becoming too flexible.

Never stretch past your limit, as this may cause injury. Also, you should not try to overstretch just because others can do it. Every person has his or her own limits.

5) Static Stretches: No Warm Up!

Never engage in static stretches without a proper warm up. You should gradually increase the range of motion of your joints slowly to avoid injury during static stretching.

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