5 CrossFit Exercises That Make You A Better Swimmer

CrossFit Workouts For Swimmers: 5 Core Exercises To Improve Your Performance

1) Side Lunges – These are the most basic lunges.

They are done with both legs, but they focus on one leg. Most people do them standing up or sitting down. This type of lunging is good for developing strength in your quads and glutes while improving balance and agility.

2) Single Leg Squats – These are another great lunging exercise.

They target your hamstrings and calves, which are two of the best muscle groups for building explosive power.

3) Single Leg Deadlifts – These are similar to squats except they use only one leg instead of both legs.

This type of deadlifting targets your quadriceps muscles (your big four).

4) Front Squat – This is a variation of the single leg squat.

Instead of using just one leg, you will use both legs. This helps develop strength in your gluteus maximus and your hamstring muscles.

5) Glute Ham Raises – These are a very simple exercise that targets all major muscle groups in your butt region including the glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

5 CrossFit Exercises That Make You A Better Swimmer - GymFitWorkout

Crossfit Workouts For Swimmers: 5 Crossfit Exercises That Are Good For Swimmers

1) Step Ups – This is a simple exercise that you can do with or without extra weight.

It primarily works your quads, but it also hits your glutes and hammies pretty well. You can do these by stepping onto a box or bench with one leg or two legs. Each leg is one repetition.

2) Jumping Lunges – These are similar to regular lunges, but you will be jumping instead of stepping.

These are very explosive and great for developing fast twitch muscle fibers. They will help you with your start and push off during races.

3) Step Overs – This is a great exercise for working on your lateral movements.

This is very important in races or any swimming situation where you have to move side to side quickly.

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