5 GRID Players to Watch in 2015

5 Grid League Players to Watch in 2015:

1) Matt “Matt” Leinart (Grid Iron) – He is one of the most successful players in the history of grid league.

His performance at the 2014 NPPL National Championship was outstanding. At age 26, he is still playing at a high level and will continue to do so for years to come. Matt has been a part of several teams including the Gridiron Gang, which won the 2013 NPPL National Championship. He played with the team for 3 seasons and then joined Team USA for World Cup Qualifying. After 2 months in Arizona, he left the team due to personal reasons.

2) Chris “Chris” Kish (Grid Iron) – A veteran player who has been around since the beginning of grid league.

He plays for Team USA at international tournaments such as the NPPL National Championships. Chris is known for his long throws and ability to make big plays in clutch situations.

3) Ryan “Ryan” Boudreaux (Grid Iron) – Another veteran player who has been around since the beginning of grid league.

He is a quiet individual who doesn’t talk much, but when he is on the field he makes big plays. In addition, he has a deadly backhand which has helped him lead his team to many championships over the years.

4) Ben “Cobra” Eck (Team Banzai) – A young gun who will be one to watch this year.

Already having an impressive resume, including making the 2013 NPPL World Championship with Team USA. He is currently playing for Team Banzai. They consistently make it to the playoffs and have a chance to win every tournament they attend.

5) Ian “Lemmy” Lemmy (Spinners) – A player who’s skill set is unmatched in the league.

He has been with team spinners for several years and consistently puts up big numbers. On top of his impressive individual statistics, he will also carry his team to a playoff birth nearly every time. On a team with several dominant players, he is one of the most consistent ones.

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