5 Killer Pushup Variations for Greater Gains

The following are some of the most popular push up variations:

1) The “Cobra” Push Up (or “Hands Behind Back”)

2) The “One Arm Dumbbell Row”

3) The “Tuck Jumping Jackknife”

4) The “High Knees Push Ups”

5) The “Half Diamond Crunch”

6) The “Reverse Cobra”

7) The “Bent Over Rope Push Up”

As you may have noticed, there are many different types of push ups. Some of them are very simple while others require a lot of practice. For example, the one arm dumbbell row requires a lot of skill and concentration. You need to concentrate on your form while doing it.

In order to perform these push ups properly, you need to keep your body in proper position with correct alignment. Also, you must not let your arms fall down before you start pushing up. If that happens, you will not be able to get proper momentum in order to lift your body. Remember, your arms should keep straight before starting to push up.

You should always start with the push ups that are easier for you. By doing so, it will become easier and easier. However, if you feel that a certain variation is too easy, try to increase the resistance. You can, for example, put a little bit more weight in your back by placing your knapsack filled with books.

5 Killer Pushup Variations for Greater Gains - gym fit workout

In this video you can see how to perform the push up variations mentioned above. This guy does a great job showing proper technique. Pay attention to how he shows each one.

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