5 Simple Solutions to Shoulder Pain

1) Do not do any heavy lifting or exercise with your arms extended above your head.

If you are doing such activity, then it is better to keep them at your sides.

2) Avoid sitting or lying down for long periods of time.

Sitting and lying down will cause strain on the back muscles and tendons which may lead to shoulder problems. You can avoid these activities if possible but they cannot be completely avoided since some medications work well in relieving shoulder pain.

3) Try to maintain good posture.

Keep your shoulders back and relaxed. Your neck should not arch forward, nor should it droop excessively.

4) Use ice packs on the affected area every few hours if you have pain in this region.

Ice packs can also be used to reduce swelling and improve circulation in the area. They are especially helpful when the pain is severe and does not respond to other treatments.

5) Consult a doctor if you have persistent pain and swelling in this area.

Shoulder pain can be a sign of a serious condition that should be treated promptly.

Shoulder pain is a common medical condition that affects people in many different ways. For some it may be sudden and severe, for others it may be a lingering and ongoing problem. In any case it is important to seek medical attention if the pain is not relieved with basic pain relievers like acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil). It is equally as vital to have the condition properly diagnosed so that you can get relief for good.

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5 Simple Solutions to Shoulder Pain - GYM FIT WORKOUT

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5 Simple Solutions to Shoulder Pain - at GYMFITWORKOUT

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5 Simple Solutions to Shoulder Pain - gym fit workout

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5 Simple Solutions to Shoulder Pain - at GYMFITWORKOUT

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