5 Sneaky Ways to Exercise During a Long Day at Work

5 Sneaky Ways to Exercise During a Long Day at Work

1) Mirror Training: A mirror exercise will give your body a good workout while you are not actually doing any physical activity.

You need to have a mirror nearby so that you can see yourself performing the exercises. If you do not have one near your work area, then it would be better if you use another piece of furniture or even put up some curtains.

2) Home Gym: You can easily build a home gym using various materials such as wood, concrete blocks, PVC pipe etc.

There are many ways to make it but the basic idea is simple. Build a sturdy structure with several pieces of different material and attach them together. Then place weights on top of it. You could also add other equipment like dumbbells, barbells or medicine ball/squat rack etc.

3) Bodyweight Exercises: These are exercises performed without using any equipment.

They include push ups, sit ups, squats and leg raises. All these exercises require no special equipment apart from your own strength and endurance. You can perform all these exercises anywhere including the car, trainings room or even outside during the summer time.

4) Cardio: These are exercises done on stationary bike or treadmill which requires no additional weight lifting equipment besides your own energy levels.

They do not require any special skills and can be performed by anyone.

5) Stretching: You can always take five minutes break from your sedentary work to stretch your leg, arm or neck muscles.

Even if you have to sit down while stretching, it still gives a good relief to your body.

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You can get some real exercise even while working in an office environment by either using a mirror, barbells or dumbbells. It doesn’t require any special training, you can start by doing simple pushups and sit-ups. You can slowly move on to more exercises once you get yourself used to the routine. You can even use a rowing machine or a stationary bike if you can’t afford to buy weights for your home gym.

Whether you need to lose weight, tone your muscles or just get in shape, there are some easy exercises you can do at the office without anyone ever noticing.

Exercising in the day isn’t exactly the best way to go about it, but if you start to incorporate small exercises into your day, you’ll definitely feel better and it’ll give you a small energy boost which can help you through the day.

So here are some ways to get physical in the office.

5. Use Your Chair

Most of us sit almost all day at work so we might as well get something out of it right?

Well you can definitely use your chair to work out your core and leg muscles. All you have to do is push your chair forward and then slowly pull it back until your knees are at a 90 degree angle. Do this 5-10 times to get the idea, but the more you do it the better.

This is a good start, but you can take it further by standing up and doing squats over your chair. This will strengthen your leg muscles quite a bit and also give you some energy to work with for the rest of the day.

4. Do Some Yoga

This is something almost anyone can do at their desk. You don’t even need to be able to touch your toes because there are plenty of other positions you can do at your desk that require no flexibility at all. All you need to do is pop online and do a quick search of some Yoga positions that you can do at your desk and you should be set.

These are just some simple starter poses, but there are many others you can do at your desk. It is important though that you do these consistently if you really want to see results. If you’re doing it right you shouldn’t be in the position to pull a muscle.

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3. Take A Walk

This one is pretty simple. All you really need to do is take a stroll around the office a few times every day. You might think this won’t do much, but over the course of a year you’ll walk miles and miles that you wouldn’t have if you just sat at your desk the whole time.

You don’t need to go on some long mile long walks either. Even taking a walk around the block during your lunch break will help. If all else fails, just get up every so often and walk around your office area. When I used to work in an office job, I kept a notepad on my desk and every time I got up to go get a drink or go to the bathroom I would write down 1. This helped me to keep track of how many times I got up and actually made me get up more often than I normally would have.

2. Be More Active In Meetings

I’m sure most of us have had these types of co-workers before. They are the ones in the middle of every meeting that are always ready to jump in and give their input on everything no matter how irrelevant it may be. The funny thing is, they actually think their input is helpful and believe they are contributing to the meeting in a positive way.

While you certainly don’t want to be the one person in the room that just sits there and doesn’t say anything, but there is a happy medium. If you just use some common sense and try to think about how your input could be perceived before just blurting it out, you’ll be fine. This will also help you from giving a bad impression of yourself and your department to higher-ups.

1. Build Your Reputation

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You can skip all of the other tips on this list if you’re able to build a good reputation around the office or workplace. Whether it’s getting a big project finished ahead of schedule or just being very friendly with everyone in the office, a good reputation always helps.

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