5 Spotting Techniques and Rules Everyone Must Know

The most common mistake made by lifters is not using proper technique. When lifting weights it is very important to follow the rules of strength training. If you are going to lift heavy weight then you must train smart and not just blindly following any advice given to you from anyone else or even your own experience. There are certain things that every lifter needs to know before they start lifting weights. These rules will ensure that you don’t injure yourself or others.

Rule #1: Always keep your head up!

If you are lifting weights, then you need to be aware of what is happening around you and always make sure that everything is done safely.

A good way to think about this rule is if someone were to fall on top of you while trying to break through a wall, would you feel like it was safe?

Of course not. You would definitely want to get out of their way.

When lifting weights, there are many different ways that you could end up getting hurt. One thing that you should never do is try to cheat by moving around too much. That is one of the main reasons why so many injuries occur in gyms today. If you move around too much, then your body might not be able to react quickly enough to stop something bad from happening.

The safest way to lift weights is to stay completely still and avoid unnecessary movement. If you want to move from a seated position to a standing position, then that is completely fine. But, you shouldn’t be bending, twisting or leaning too much while lifting. This puts too much stress on your body and could lead to an accident.

Instead, you should try to stay as as still as possible so that nothing bad happens.

Rule #2: Don’t Load Up The Machine!

Although you may be lifting a light weight, if you load up the machine then bad things can happen. It is very easy to fall into the habit of loading a machine. Just because it has a pin to lock it in place does not mean that it is completely safe to lift above the designated weight. You need to focus on your technique and make sure that you are always doing something right.

For example, do you really need to put more than 45 pounds on that leg press machine?

Probably not. If you use a little common sense and always make sure to maintain safety while working out, then you should be able to avoid a major accident from happening. Never get lazy at the gym because one small mistake could result in a serious injury!

Rule #3: The Free Weights Are The Way To Go!

If you are going to lift weights, then it is always best to start out with the bar. This way, you can learn how much you can lift before adding more weight. Most people have a tendency to look at others in the free weight area and try to lift as much as them. This is a huge mistake and it should be avoided at all costs.

You need to keep in mind that other people at the gym are lifting those weights for a reason. They obviously know their own limitations and that is why they are using a particular amount of weight. If you load up too much weight, then you could get hurt and nobody wants that to happen. Keep it safe and start out small, then build from there.

Rule #4: Respect The Equipment!

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It is very important to maintain the equipment so that others may use it. This means wiping down the machines after use and placing the free weights back where they belong. Most of the time you will find that equipment at big name gyms are a little worn down. Although maintaining the equipment is very important, it is even more important to pay attention to what you are doing and to always be safe.

If you are not paying attention to your own actions, then minor mistakes can lead to severe injuries.

If you follow these four simple rules, then you will definitely get the results that you want without getting hurt in the process. Always pay attention to what you are doing and never be in a rush. If you take things one step at a time and focus on your technique, then you will be sure to avoid unnecessary injuries at the gym.

Always look but don’t touch!

If you are new to the gym, then you probably have a lot of questions about proper gym etiquette and how to get the most out of your experience. If you want to know how to use the machines without looking stupid or how to lift weights without getting hurt, then you have definitely come to the right place. In this article, you will learn four simple rules that will keep you safe and help you achieve your goals.

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