5 Strategies to Become a Better Coach

The Best Way To Be A Great Coach?

There are many ways to be a good coach. Some coaches have been successful because they were able to adapt themselves into their job and not change it too much. They know what works best for them and they stick with it. Other coaches try to do everything, but fail miserably at it all. They don’t really know what they’re doing or why things work the way they do. If you want to be a great coach, then you need to focus on one thing and only one thing: coaching your team. You must never stray from that goal no matter what else happens in your life.

You might think that this sounds like some sort of crazy advice, but I assure you that it’s not! There are many other ways to be a great coach, but if you want to truly succeed as a coach, then you must stick with one thing.

If you follow my advice and practice one simple rule every single day, then your chances of becoming a great coach will increase dramatically. That rule is: “I am the boss.”

“I am the Boss” Is Your Only Job…And It Will Always Be So!

You need to make sure that you always remember this rule, because if you don’t then you will fail as a coach. You are the boss of your team and you need to remember that at all times. Yes, it is true that the players have the most important role in basketball because they do all of the work on the floor.

However, YOU have the most important role because YOU are the one who tells them what to do and how to do it. You’re in charge of everything from start to finish. This is the only way to be a great coach. You need to make sure that your players know this at all times.

Your players already know what they’re supposed to do on the court, so you don’t need to give them any advice on that matter. Instead, you should focus all of your attention on making sure that they are prepared for anything that might happen during a game. They need to be able to play together as a cohesive unit and they need to be able to react to anything that their opponents do.

This is the only way that your team is going to succeed and if you’re able to coach them properly, then you will be well on your way to a successful season.

An Important Tip To Remember

I can’t stress this enough, but you should respect all of your players and treat them with dignity. The flashy star of the team might get all of the glory, but you need to make sure that you take the time to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of all of your players. This doesn’t mean that you need to go out of your way to praise the lackluster players, but at least don’t single them out in a negative way.

This will only serve to hurt your team chemistry and decrease your chances of winning.

While it is true that you need to focus on your players and not yourself, you also need to make sure that YOU are doing everything that you can to be successful. This means you need to put in the extra hours in the gym or at home by yourself. There will be times when your players won’t be able to put in this extra work and that’s fine.

5 Strategies to Become a Better Coach - gym fit workout

The key is that you never let yourself get in that position. Always be the first one to arrive at the gym and always be the last one to leave. Let your dedication be an example to your players, but more importantly let it be an example of how much you want to win!

The Key to Success

You are the coach and as I have said before, that means you are the most important member of the team. Your job doesn’t end when the final buzzer sounds. You are still a mentor and a leader even after the final whistle.

If you truly want to be successful then you need to make sure that you set a good example for your players both on and off the court. If you show them that dedication and hard work can lead to success, then some of them just might follow in your footsteps.

This isn’t just important for your short term goals of winning the conference title or even the state championship. Its also important for your long term goals as a coach and men in general. Who knows, some of these young boys might become coaches themselves one day or even fathers.

If you teach them how to be dedicated individuals while they’re young, then maybe they can pass that knowledge on to their own children and so forth and so on. You never know how many lives you can touch.

That is why you’re here and that is your purpose. You aren’t just here to coach a team to win a few championships. You’re here to make a difference in these young men’s lives.

You need to show them that even when things are at their darkest, there is always hope if you just keep pressing forward. Don’t ever forget that.

“It’s important to have goals in life. Even if you don’t reach them, it was still important that you tried.”

Life Lesson #2: Sometimes It’s Better To Be A Role Model

Most of the time people only see the results of your actions. The goal is to get good grades, go to a good college, get a good job, and live a happy life, but that’s not always the case. This can especially be true of young impressionable minds that are still learning about the world.


5 Strategies to Become a Better Coach - from our website

Ethnic Background: of German/Irish descent

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Team(s): Wolfsburg Wolves, American Dream Academy Varsity Basketball Team

Years: Freshman

Position: Point Guard/Playmaker

Bio: Lucas Jenson was born and raised in a small town called Turtle Creek in Northern California. His father, a former professional basketball player for the NBA, has been an inspiration for Lucas ever since he was a young boy. He learned to play the game from his father who taught him the importance of teamwork and dedication.

Lucas is a skilled point guard who is capable of being a team’s playmaker on both sides of the ball. Though he lacks the natural talent that other players have, his effort and hard work makes him a natural leader both on and off the court.

Lucas is also a dedicated student in the classroom. He enjoys studying languages, history, and various other subjects most students don’t find interesting. He hopes to become fluent in at least three languages other than English and is interested in studying non-Earth based civilzations, like ancient Rome and the Mayans.

He’s had his heart set on attending the National Space Training Center in Houston since he was six years old. He hopes to become an astronaut and travel to distant planets beyond our solar system.

Personality: Lucas is a dedicated student and hard worker on and off the court. He has a strong passion for basketball and wants nothing more than to win the championship for his team and be the best that he can be. He takes failure and defeat extremely serious, to the point that he sometimes becomes too hard on himself when he makes mistakes.

He’s a natural leader that is respected by his teammates.

5 Strategies to Become a Better Coach - gym fit workout

Lucas has been dedicated to the sport of basketball ever since he was a young child and won’t let anything get in the way of it. He spends much of his free time watching past basketball games and looking up to famous NBA superstars like Lebron James and Kobe Bryant. Lucas is realistic and knows he’ll probably never achieve the fame or success that they have, but it’s something he aspires to be.

Though Lucas is a dedicated student, he doesn’t share the same enthusiasm for his school work. He usually gets passing grades but nothing more than that. During classes, he sometimes find himself distracted by his love of the sport of basketball.

Instead of paying attention to what his teachers are saying, he often draws up plays in his notebook or doodles images of basketball hoops and nets. Language classes are the most difficult for him as he struggles with memorizing long words in a different language.

When he grows up, he sees himself as a famous basketball player with a wife and kids. He hopes that his father will be extremely proud of him for making him proud of himself.


Father: Lucas’s relationship with his father is a bit complicated. His father is extremely hard on him both on and off the court. He puts a lot of pressure on him to both succeed in basketball and in the classroom.

Lucas often lets this get the best of him and feel as if he’s unable to live up to his father’s high expectations. Despite the tension that’s between them, Lucas still loves his father and wants to make him proud of who he is.

Mother: Lucas’s relationship with his mother is a little more relaxed than it is with his father. She has never put too much pressure on him in regards to sports or his education. She was also more accepting of his decision to become a professional basketball player when he was younger, despite his father’s disapproval.

Lucas’s mother has always been there for him whenever he needed help or guidance. She is the only person he can confide in and trust.

Lucas is very dedicated to the sport of basketball and wants nothing more than to become a famous professional basketball player. When he grows up, he plans on taking his family with him to every away game and flash their IDs so they can get through the security checks. When he finally wins a NBA championship, Lucas will make sure his father is sitting in the first row wearing a brand new jersey with his son’s name on the back.

Lucas’s love of the sport of basketball started when he was very young. He played for a local youth club called the “Torpedo’s” and would spend hours on end practicing his ball handling and shooting. He was often the youngest and smallest member on each team, but he worked harder than anyone else to improve his skills.

5 Strategies to Become a Better Coach - gym fit workout

When he got older, he joined a high school team were he made the mistake of telling an opposing player that he was going to the NBA. The player called him a liar and said he would block every shot Lucas took. During that game, the player did exactly what he said he was going to do. He blocked every shot Lucas took, making him feel like he couldn’t do anything right that day. Lucas was so embarrassed that after the game he cried in the locker room. He didn’t stop crying until his mother came to pick him up that evening. After that day, he never let his emotions get in the way of the game again. Instead, he used them constructively by putting all his focus on winning. Lucas wants to win more than anything else, and he is not going to let anything get in his way.

From now on, this team is yours. You need to make sure that you are always in total control of everything that happens on it. The players will look to you for leadership and you must never let them down.

They are the most important thing in the world to you and you will do everything within your power to make sure they have the best possible chance of winning. You will lay out a solid game plan and stick to it no matter what happens. You will never let your emotions get in the way of the game because you know that it is important to keep a clear head at all times. You have proven that you are a winner and winners always find a way to succeed, no matter what the odds.

If you remain confident in yourself and your abilities, you will be able to handle anything that is thrown at you.

You are the captain now. Your team is counting on you.

How do you want to lead them?

The first action you decide to take as captain is to introduce yourself to your team. Since you are the new captain, all the players on the team are completely new to you, so you feel it is necessary to at least be able to know their names, even if you don’t know much else about them yet.

You arrange for all of them to come down to the gym at a specific time. When they arrive, you introduce yourself and tell them that since you don’t know anything about them, they will now get to learn a little about you before you get to know them. You explain that it is important for them to understand that the team is “we” not “I”, and that you expect everyone to be pulling their weight.

Leaving nothing to chance, you have each of them write their name on a piece of paper which you drop in a bucket. You then have them all draw a piece of paper from the bucket. The person who drew the paper with your name on it first will be the first one to ask you a question.

This will help you to see if they are paying attention as well as giving them an opportunity to speak.

This process continues until everyone has had a turn asking you a question and after-which you tell them that they are all free to go.

The next day, you gather everyone in the same way and have the next person to draw your name ask the first question. If they are following the rules, they will ask you something that you did not answer during the previous days session. Otherwise, you will call them out on it and tell them to think harder next time.

5 Strategies to Become a Better Coach - GymFitWorkout

The questions that you are asked by your team-mates run a wide variety of topics. Everything from your favorite food to your thoughts on other f-able sports teams are brought up. After several days of this you have a pretty good understanding of each member of your team.

You think that you will be able to work with everyone, which is good considering that you aren’t going to be able to release anyone from the team during your reign as captain.

Your next step is to start thinking about a playing style that will work for everyone on the team. You already have a general idea of what that will entail, but you are going to need to drill it into everyone’s head until it is second nature.

The current trend in the league seems to be a focus on teamwork. Most people are playing five-a-side matches instead of standard six, mainly because they take a bit less time and people seem to prefer the continuous action as opposed to stops for sets and such. You prefer this style as well since you feel that you get to show off your full range of abilities instead of being limited to only a portion of them.

You figure that given this development, a playing style centered around strong teamwork will maximize the advantages that your team should have. At least, you hope that it maximizes your team’s advantages and hides their weaknesses, you won’t know for certain until you begin playing other teams.

You spend the next few weeks going over basic strategies, plays, and techniques until you are confident that everyone on the team knows what to do and when to do it. You run through various game scenarios in your head to see if you can come up with a way for your team to win, no matter what the other team throws at you.

When you finally think that you are ready, you get together with Lyssia to go over the current state of the league. Lyssia has been keeping track of the other teams and tells you that the Snails have been climbing in the ranks very quickly. It seems that they have finally gotten their teamwork down and it is paying off for them.

She also says that a new team has come to the league, they are call the Wolves and are currently in last place. Lyssia isn’t sure where your team will rank, but she knows it will be high.

Since you aren’t quite at the required number of player for a match, Lyssia has been trying to find a last member for the Snails to even the odds, but nobody has really impressed her yet. She says she has someone in mind, but she is isn’t sure if you will like her. She asks if you would like to come with her to meet this potential new member.

5 Strategies to Become a Better Coach - from our website

You agree and the pair of you head to a local tavern in the middle class part of town. You arrive not long after and Lyssia orders a drink for the pair of you while you wait for her contact to show up.

You have to wait about fifteen minutes before a young girl shows up to your table. She looks like she can’t even legally drink yet, Lyssia must have told her to clean herself up if she wanted to join the Snails. Lyssia gives you a quick nod to indicate that this is the girl and you casually start up a conversation.

So, why do you want to join the Fighting Snails?”

You ask.

“I don’t want to be just another random nobody. I want people to know who I am. I want them to fear me.

I want to be famous.” The girl says in an immature voice that doesn’t match her looks.

Well, can you fight?

Lyssia says you have been taking down the local thugs in the slums.”

“Of course I can fight! I’ve been practicing with my father’s soldiers since I was little and I am not afraid to get my hands dirty.”

“Alright then, beat Lyssia in a fight. If you do, you’re in. If you lose, well there’s no point in having you on the team if you can’t even beat the squad’s leader.

5 Strategies to Become a Better Coach - GymFitWorkout

She’s not fighting at 100 percent though, so good luck.

The girl doesn’t even give any sort of signal, she just rushes Lyssia with a knife in hand. Lyssia is faster and solidly punches the girl in the stomach, then kicks her to the floor. The girl stands up and lunges at Lyssia again, but she is easily taken down once more.

On the third try the girl quits and realizes she doesn’t stand a chance.

“Alright I got it, you win.

Is this what it takes to join the Fighting Snails?”

“Yes, if you want to be a player you got to be able to beat everyone on the team.

If you can’t beat me, how are you going to beat the other teams players?

You have to be ready for anything and everything in a fight. If you’re not willing to do that, then get out of the way because a player is coming through.”

“Fine, but when I’m the greatest player to ever live and on every poster and every cereal box in this city, don’t say I didn’t warn you about your shortcomings as a coach. Now let’s get on with it, I want to beat you so I can get back to working on my goal.”

You give Lyssia a look and she shrugs, you can either agree to this or not let her join.

“Very well, you’re on the team, welcome to the Fighting Snails. Now we can get started on your real training.”

“Great, I’ll start already by showing you how fast I am! I’ll be on that man’s beer mug in the other room!” The new girl says already starting to run through the door.

“Hold it!” You say. “

What’s your name anyway?”

“Name’s Jane, Jane Doe since I don’t remember my real one.”

5 Strategies to Become a Better Coach - from our website

“Well Jane, you’re only allowed to drink when you earn a fight. We aren’t paying for your booze, so you better win a lot.”

Jane thinks for a moment and then says “How about this, If I win every fight we go into, you guys pay for whatever I want. If I lose, I pay for my own stuff.


“Deal, now go easy on the new guys, they’re just like you once and have a lot to learn.”

Jane nods and runs out of the room.

Lyssia says to you “She seems a bit ambitious.

Is it going to be a problem?

I only ask because you saw how she took down the girl. I’m almost afraid of what she might do to our new recruits.”

“I don’t think so, she’s brash and a bit full of herself, but she’s got spirit and I think we can keep her reeled in. As for the fighting, well it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had a few too many bruises. We’ve all got toughened skin at this point, it’s just another reminder that we’re not playing a game anymore.

It’s real now, and if Jane needs to learn that lesson then so be it.”

“If you say so, just don’t become too attached. Remember she’s just a tool to be used.”

Lyssia leaves and goes to see the new recruits. You hope she’s right about Jane, because as much as you like her spunk, you hope she doesn’t end up dead before she gets a chance to shine.

Year 17

“You guys go on ahead, I’ve got some stuff to take care of,” you say.

What kind of stuff?”

Jane asks.

“Official Fighting Snail business, now off you go.”

5 Strategies to Become a Better Coach - from our website

Are you sure?

We could wait for you.”

“Nah, I might be a while. You all go have fun.”

The rest of the team reluctantly agrees and leaves without you. Looks like you’ve got the time and solitude to take care of some unfinished business. You’ve been thinking about it for a while and now that your career is starting to get more serious, you might not have as much time for it in the future.

You make sure nobody is watching and squeeze under the fence. Perfect, no alarms sounded and you’re already in the clear. Now you just sneak over to the right building and get to work.

This is really exciting!

The inner workings of the College of Alteration are different than you expected. They’re more messy and disorderly than you imagined. You had thought that the place would be more organized considering all the organization classes they make you take, but it seems like most students just end up wasting their time when they get here.

It takes a little while, but you find what you’re looking for in the back of a store room filled with spare parts for classrooms. A long piece of metal barrel with some wiring around it. It’s just what you need for your next invention, which you’ve been working on in your spare time.

After a quick glance to see if anyone is around, you take the metal barrel back to your hiding spot and begin to tinker with it a bit. You’ve taken a basic design that you saw online and modified it to fit what you have available. You’ve only done this a few times before, but you’re getting better at it.

5 Strategies to Become a Better Coach - from our website

Soon you should be able to build something that doesn’t blow up after just one use!

Hey, maybe you could sell some of these things and make a little extra coin…

After you’re done working, you head back home as fast as you can. You need to get back before everyone realizes you’re gone.

Hey where were you?”

Heather asks.

“Oh, I went out for a walk and went to the store to buy some snacks,” you say, presenting the bag of chips you were given as evidence.

“Hm. Well Jane and the others already left.”


I just got back!”

“I know, but they couldn’t wait any longer. Something about an announcement being ready for you all and not wanting to distract you from it.”

How long ago did they leave?

I’m going to catch up with them!”

“I don’t know how long they’ve been gone, but you won’t be able to find them now. I’ve been sitting here watching the road for the past couple hours. No one has come this way except for you.”

You sigh. If you’d known they were leaving, you would have at least been able to say goodbye to them. Oh well, you’ll see them at school probably…


5 Strategies to Become a Better Coach - from our website

You begin to worry. You’ve gotten good at the past couple of weeks, maybe even great.

Is there something you missed? And if so, why was it there? Did someone put it there on purpose?

And more importantly…

Were you allowed to do this?

Year 17

“Today, we’re here to celebrate the hard work and determination of our three top students!”

Applause and cheering erupts from the stands as you take a seat next to your team. It’s commencement day for the Academy and you’re one of the graduates today. The Academy credits you for bringing them to victory in the latest rounds of the Juvie games, though there was a lot more to it than just that.

Your intervention with the Tivors and others kept them from getting blown to bits by landmines. You’re just glad you got there before any deaths actually happened.

You smile and wave to the crowd a bit, basking in the moment. It’s what you always thought your life was going to be like when you first started at this school. An honors student that would go on to be a doctor or a researcher of some kind.

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