5 Totally Valid Reasons You Shouldn’t Exercise

5 Totally Valid Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Exercise:

1) Your Body Will Be Too Fat If You Don’t Exercise:

It is true that if you are overweight or obese then it will be difficult to maintain your current weight without any effort. However, if you are underweight then it would be much easier for you to lose weight.

There is no need to worry about gaining too much fat because there are many ways to prevent this from happening.

2) You Won’t Get Enough Sleep:

If you are tired all the time, then you won’t get enough sleep. Lack of sleep causes fatigue which makes it hard to perform well at work or school.

Sleeping less than 6 hours per night increases risk of heart disease and stroke. Regularly sleeping 8 hours or more helps reduce these risks significantly.

3) You Will Become An Exhausted Person:

Exhaustion is one of the most common problems among people who do not exercise regularly. They may feel tired all the time, have headaches, stomach aches, back pain and other symptoms.

These symptoms indicate that they are suffering from exhaustion. Excessive fatigue can cause poor performance at work or school and even affect their health negatively. They become unable to perform even the simplest tasks and feel like they need a long rest.

4) You Could Gain More Weight:

5 Totally Valid Reasons You Shouldn't Exercise - GYM FIT WORKOUT

If you eat more than you use, then it will lead to weight gain. As a result, your body may become fatter and heavier which is not good for your overall well-being.

The good thing is that if you exercise, it won’t allow you to overeat or lose control of your appetite.

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