5 Upper Body Circuits for a Fighter’s Physique

5 Upper Body Circuits for a Fighter’s Physique

The 5 Upper Body Circuits for a Fighter’s Physique are:

1) Chest Workout – Shoulders, Triceps, Back and Bicep.

2) Legs Workout – Quads, Hamstrings, Calves and Abs.

3) Core Workout – Abdominals, Glutes and Lower Back.

4) Arms Workout – Forearms, Ears and Wrist.

In this article we will explain all these routines in detail. You may think that you have never heard about any of them before but it is true that there are many fighters who do not train their bodies properly or even at all! If you want to get into shape then you need to start now!

Chest Workout: Shoulders, Triceps, Back and Bicep.

The chest is one of the most vital parts of your body. Without a strong chest you cannot lift heavy things, throw punches hard enough to hurt someone or even hold up your head when getting hit in the face with a bat. You need to have a strong chest and you can start right now with this routine.

What You Will Need:

* Pull Up Bar – You can get one of these for your home very easily and they are cheap. They go above your door and you can do pull ups on it.

5 Upper Body Circuits for a Fighter's Physique - at GYMFITWORKOUT

* Dumbbells – You will need different weights, ranging from light to very heavy.

What To Do:

Take 2 minutes to warm up. These exercises will push your body and you want to avoid injuries.

* In the first section of this routine you will work on your chest, shoulders and triceps. Pick up the heaviest dumbbells you have and hold them at your side. Do 20 push ups, try to get your arms fully extended at the bottom of the push up.

When you get more stronger you will be able to do more than 20.

* Now, with the same weights from before do 20 military press. Raise the dumbbells above your head and then back down again.

* Take a 1 minute break.

* After the resting, pick up the heaviest weights you have and do 20 dips. Be careful not to hit your head on the door frame. When you can do 20 dips without weights, add weight.

* Now, with the same weights from before do 20 lateral raises. Lift the weights up and out to the sides of your body, just a few inches above the ground.

* After the lateral raises, do 20 upright rows. Lift the weights up next to your ears and hold them there for a second before lowering them back down. This exercise should be finishing off your shoulders, they should feel it burning after this set.

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* Now take a 2 minute break.

* Afterwards, do 15-20 back extensions on the mat. Lay on your belly and lift your upper body off the floor, hold it for a second and then lay back down.

* For the triceps, take 3 minutes to do this routine. Pick up whatever weights you need to feel something in the back of your arm. Then pump your arm as hard as you can for that 2 minutes.

Your arm should be too tired to actually move after this!

* Lastly for chest is dips. Use the heaviest weights you have for these. After the 3 minutes are over, your chest should feel a serious burning.

These exercises will get your chest in shape very quickly, but you will need to add more weight as you get stronger.

Legs Workout: Quads, Hamstrings, Calves and Abs.

For some fighters, their legs are their greatest strength and for others, their legs are a huge weakness. No matter what your legs are like, you can always make them stronger and faster. A fighter with strong legs is a dangerous fighter!

What You Will Need:

5 Upper Body Circuits for a Fighter's Physique - from our website

* Barbell, Dumbbells, Weighted Boots or Weighted Vest – For this routine you will need some sort of weighted item to add to your body. A barbell is the best for this and you can add more and more weights as you get stronger and stronger. Dumbbells are harder to increase the weight but you can do it, just much slower.

You can also use weighted boots or a vest. The boots can be difficult to walk in and the vest restricts your breathing but they are an option if you really want to restrict yourself.

* Mat – To protect your floor or whatever you are standing on.

* Music – Turn up the tunes, you will be here awhile unless you get some of those exercise CDs.

What To Do:

Warm up for 2 minutes and then do each of these exercises for 20 reps unless otherwise noted. Take a minute break in between each set and a longer break after the third set.

* Jog in place to warm up.

* Lunge – Take a large stride forward and then drop your back knee almost to the floor. Push front knee forward so that you end up near the place you started. Do the same thing with the other leg and keep alternating for 20 reps.

Make sure to keep your core tight or you will fall over!

* Push-up Position Row – Get into push-up position but have your hands on two light weights. Keep your core tight and pull the right weight to your chest and then extend it back out to the start position. Do 20 of these and then switch to the left side.

* Single Leg Extension – Use the weight from before (you don’t need extra) and lift your right leg so that your knee is pointing straight up. Kick your leg out as far as you can and then bend it back so your foot almost touches the floor. Extend it back out and do 20 of these.

Then repeat with your left leg.

5 Upper Body Circuits for a Fighter's Physique - GymFitWorkout

* Single Leg Curl – Again, use the weight from before. Lift your right leg so that your knee is pointing straight up but this time keep your heel lifted off the ground. Point your toes towards the ceiling and then bend your foot so it almost touches the floor.

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