5 Week Sandbag Workout Program: Week 1 – Get Started

5 Week Sandbag Workout Program: Week 1 – Get Started

Week 1:  You have been given a new challenge! A new week starts with a brand new set of challenges.

What will you do?

The first thing you need to decide is what kind of person are you? Are you a hard worker or lazy? Do you like to work out or not?

If so, then it’s time to start working out!

If your answer is “I don’t like to work out”, then it means that you’re going to have a tough time getting started with the 5 Week Sandbag Workout program. However if your answer is “Yes” then you’ve already decided that you want to get fit. So let’s see how much you can accomplish in just one week!

You could spend all day doing nothing at all, but if that’s what you really want to do, then why not give it a try?

After all, there are no rules against being lazy. Just make sure that your goal is still fitness.

What will happen after the first week?

Well, it depends on which type of person you are!

If you are a lazy person, then you will probably give up soon in the program because it requires you to perform challenging tasks. But if you’re serious about getting fit, then you won’t let something like laziness get in your way.

If you’re a lazy person, you should think about why you want to get in shape. It may be because of a medical condition that’s going to affect you later in life. It may be because of a reason that’s out of the blue.

No matter what your reasons are, don’t let laziness hold you back!

What will you do after one week?

Only you can decide.

What do you want to accomplish?

It’s time to get started with your first training day of the week!

If you’re a hard worker then you’ll probably be able to accomplish more than the lazy person could in the same amount of time. However, if you’re a lazy person then you might be able to accomplish more than the hard worker could in the same amount of time. Let’s see how your body is going to react when attempting this challenging routine for the first time!

This training day is going to require you to go all out with everything you got. Remember, any movement counts – you don’t have to stick to any one specific exercise. However, the purpose of this training day is NOT to go on a walk or jog.

If you really want to do this right, you need to be focused and in an extreme state of mind. I’m warning you now that many people are not ready for the intensity of this first training day. Only those who are serious about their health and fitness should attempt this.

5 Week Sandbag Workout Program: Week 1 - Get Started - GYM FIT WORKOUT

If you’re not sure, then it’s better if you don’t do it at all. Attempt at your own risk!

Time to get started with Week 1 Day 1 of the 5 Week Sandbag Workout Program. Remember, you need to stick with this routine for the entire week.

Warm Up (5 Minutes)

Perform some type of jumping jacks or jog in place for 1 minute. Do this until you feel your heart starting to beat and you’re beginning to sweat a bit. You can also do some arm circles to get your body warmed up as well.

Movement #1: Jumping Jacks

Time: 2 Minutes

How many times you do this movement: 50Notes: Stand with your legs at least shoulder width apart. Keeping your back straight, bend forward and put your hands on your knees. When you’re ready, jump so that your legs are spread out into a split position.

Then jump up while bringing your legs back together. Make sure to keep your arms close to your body at all times.

Movement #2: V-Sits

Time: 1 Minute

How many times you do this movement: 50

5 Week Sandbag Workout Program: Week 1 - Get Started - at GYMFITWORKOUT

Notes: Make a V-shape with your legs. Put your hands behind your head to keep it up and prevent yourself from leaning too far back.

Movement #3: Push-Ups

Time: 1 Minute

How many times you do this movement: 50

Notes: Get into the traditional push-up position with your toes pointed together.

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