7 Articles to Warm You Up for Winter

1. How to

Keep Yourself Warm Without Anything?

2. How to

Make Yourself Warm Naturally?

3. What

Should I Do If My Home Is Not Warm Enough?

4. What

Can I Buy That Will Help Me Stay Warm in Winter?

5. What

Should I Do if My Car Doesn’t Work Well or at All During the Cold Weather Season?

6. What

Can I Do When I Am Sleeping Outside?

7. What

About Other People’s Advice?

How to Keep Yourself Warm Without Anything:

The first thing you need to do is get some clothes that are light weight and comfortable. Lightweight means not too much material, but enough so that it doesn’t weigh down your body. These types of clothing will allow you to move around freely while still being able to feel secure from the wind and cold air currents.

You don’t have to wear all these items, but you should try to pick up something that feels good on your skin. You may want to use a scarf or hat if you are going out into the elements. Wear loose fitting clothing such as shorts and t-shirts. Avoid wearing anything tight like jackets or coats because they tend to trap heat and prevent movement.

You can also wrap yourself in a blanket or sleeping bag as long as you have enough room to lay down.

You should find a sheltered spot which is near trees or rocks. Try to find a location that is elevated and somewhat protected from the wind. You want to make sure you are high enough from the ground so that you are not touching it or close to it. The earth will suck the heat right out of your body.

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