7 Exercises to Bulletproof Your Shoulders

Bulletproof Your Shoulders: 7 Exercises To Bulletproof Your Shoulders

1) Shoulder Pressing – This exercise strengthens the muscles around your shoulders.

You will feel a stretch in these muscles when you press them up and down. A good way to do it is with dumbbells or kettle bells. If you have no access to weights, then just hold onto something strong like a wall or door frame while pressing up and down on your arms.

2) Shoulder Dislocations – This exercise is done in a similar manner to the one above, but instead of holding on to something, you are supposed to dislocate your shoulder.

When doing this exercise make sure not to let go until you feel the pain completely stop. Make sure you don’t move too much during this exercise either because if you do then your arm might get injured even worse than before.

3) Shoulder Abduction – This exercise helps strengthen the muscles around your back.

You are supposed to pull your shoulder blades toward each other while keeping your upper body straight. This exercise is very useful for those who suffer from scoliosis or any other curvature of their spine.

4) Shoulder External Rotation – This exercise works the muscles around your shoulders and chest area.

It is done by using dumbbells or a weight that you can easily lift. The trick to this exercise is to not push your arm forward, but instead pull it down and backward. This helps target the muscles of your chest, rather than your arm.

7 Exercises to Bulletproof Your Shoulders - GymFitWorkout

5) Shoulder Internal Rotation – This exercise works the same muscles as the one above, but targets them in a different way.

The trick to this exercise is to pull your arm downward and forward rather than straight down. If you do it right, you should feel a stretch going on in your chest and shoulder muscles.

6) Cross Body Arm Extensions – This exercise is meant to strengthen the muscles on the back of your shoulder and arm.

It can be done by using a resistance band or a rubber tube. The trick to this exercise is to not let the band snap back into place by moving it across your body after releasing it.

7) Pike Press – This exercise works the muscles in your shoulders and your back.

It is done by laying down on your belly with your legs straight behind you. From this position you use your legs to push yourself up while at the same time pressing your arms up over your head. This exercise is also known as the grasshopper exercise because of how it resembles a grasshopper’s movements.

Bulletproofing Shoulders And Your Body

These exercises are only a handful of the hundreds out there. The best way to bulletproof your shoulders, and any other part of your body, is to do exercises that work the muscles groups in opposing ways. If you ever decide to get surgery for your shoulder, make sure you ask your surgeon how soon you can start working these exercises into your routine.

Always remember to stay safe and never push yourself too hard. Although these exercises strengthen the muscles around your shoulder joint, you can seriously injure yourself if you overdo it. Make sure you stay within your limits and listen to your body. If anything feels wrong then stop doing what you’re doing, and if pain persists see a doctor.

When it comes to keeping yourself in the best physical condition, knowledge is power. With these exercises you can strengthen your shoulder muscles and maintain a healthy body for years to come.

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7 Exercises to Bulletproof Your Shoulders - GymFitWorkout



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