8 Commercial Gym-Friendly Exercises To Increase Your Athleticism

1) Lateral Step Up

The lateral step up is one of the most popular exercises among athletes. It involves jumping from a standing position with your feet slightly apart and then quickly rising back to the starting position while keeping balance. You can perform it on all kinds of surfaces such as concrete floors, grass or even uneven ground. However, if you are going to do it at home, make sure that there is no sharp objects around like stairs or steps because they will cause injury.

2) Goblet Squat

Goblets squat is another exercise that is popular among athletes. It involves performing a squatting motion with both legs simultaneously. The weight of the barbell must be held evenly throughout both legs so that the knees don’t move outwards during the movement. If you have never done this exercise before, start off slowly and build up gradually until you reach your desired level of strength.

3) Push Ups

Push ups are a great way to strengthen your arms and core muscles. They work the whole body including the chest, shoulders, triceps, bicep curls and abs. The push up requires good form since you need to keep your elbows close together and not let them drift forward when raising up. You can do these on any surface but make sure that they aren’t too high or too low since this could cause injury.

4) Dips

Dips are another great exercise that helps to build up strength in your arms, shoulders and chest. They work on your triceps and pectorial muscles. You can do these just about anywhere but make sure that there aren’t any hand grips or other obstacles that could cause you to injure yourself.

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