8 Must Haves for Your Gym Bag

8 Must Haves For Your Gym Bag:

1) A good quality backpack with plenty of room.

You need enough space to carry your laptop, some small items like pens or phone, and anything else you might want to take along when you go out. If possible, try not to use a backpack made from cheap materials; they tend to be flimsy and prone to breaking easily. Instead opt for one made from leather or other durable material.

2) A sturdy shoulder strap.

You don’t want to have to constantly reach around behind you back to grab something, which could cause you pain later if it falls off and gets caught on something.

3) An extra set of keys.

Always keep at least two sets of keys handy in case one breaks or gets lost. They are much easier to get into a new car than a wallet! (You may even consider getting a second set just in case!

Or you can always leave them in the car!)

4) A few pairs of socks.

These will come in very useful when you’re going outside to do errands, so make sure you have a couple of different colors.

5) A pair of comfortable shoes.

Shoes are great for keeping your feet warm and dry while walking around outside, but they aren’t necessarily the best option for working out in since they often slip on slippery surfaces and floors. If possible, you should buy a water-resistant pair with non-marking soles that are slip resistant.

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6) A comfortable pair of athletic shorts or pants.

Something to make you feel good when you wear them to work out in the gym. They should also be made from a fabric that will allow for plenty of air flow when you’re working up a sweat. You don’t want to be uncomfortable while trying to improve yourself!

7) A supportive sports bra.

These can often be hard to find, so you might have to buy a few different types before you find one that you’re comfortable in.

These are the bare minimum of what you need in order to go to the gym. While you don’t need everything on this list, these items are important enough that you should strongly consider buying them if you don’t own them already. They will make your life a whole lot easier, trust me!

8) A good quality water bottle.

You’re going to need something to drink all of that water you just bought, right?

Make sure it’s made from safe materials and won’t cause any adverse reactions with the water. Glass and metal options tend to be popular, but make sure the top is easy to open and close so you don’t spill it everywhere.

Staying hydrated is incredibly important, so you can’t just go grabbing any old water bottle off the shelf. Make sure it’s BPA free and safe for drinking out of on a regular basis.

That wraps things up here. I hope you’ve learned something new about going to the gym and what you can do to make your experience better. If you’re still unsure about anything listed in this guide, please feel free to contact me and I’ll try my best to help address your concerns.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see you at the gym soon!

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-Jennifer Goodwin

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