9 Reasons Why Stretching Your Psoas Isn’t Working

9 Reasons Why Stretching Your Psoas Is Not Working

1) You’re Doing It Wrong!

The psoas is a long, thick muscle located just behind your hip bone. Its main function is to move the leg forward and backward when walking or running. However, it’s not only used for these purposes; it’s also one of the most common muscles in the body.

The psoas acts as a “lever” between your abdominal organs (your intestines), your lower spine, and other parts of the body. If you don’t stretch it regularly, then it will become weak and ineffective.

2) You Can Do It Better With A Stretch Exerciser!

There are many different types of stretch exercisers available on the market today. Some of them are simple elastic bands with handles attached to them. Others have moving parts such as motors and even electronic devices.

All of these types of stretch exercisers work on the same principle: they contract and relax muscles in order to improve flexibility.

3) You Don’t Need To Stretch It At All!

Stretching the psoas doesn’t need any special equipment at all. There are several ways you can do it yourself without any professional assistance whatsoever. Some of the more commonly used techniques for stretching this important muscle include:

Performing yoga exercises on a daily basis

Using a simple “chair stretch” to improve your flexibility

Rocking your body back and forth for long periods of time to gradually improve your range of motion.

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4) It’s Not That Important Anyway!

While a regular stretching routine may be beneficial to many people, it isn’t necessary for everyone. If you are not involved in athletic activities that require flexibility, then it’s probably less important for you to focus on it. For example, an accountant or a computer programmer will not need to worry as much about flexibility as someone who works in construction or a professional dancer.

5) It Can Be Used In Many Different Ways!

The psoas is not only used in the lower part of your body. It also acts as a “cushion” or support for your abdominal organs. Stretching it can help to get it to relax, which can allow for better breathing and can increase your overall sense of well-being.

When stretched on a regular basis, it can help with things like lower back pain and even digestive issues. Many people have found that it helps them in these ways.

6) It Can Be Dangerous If You Don’t Do It Right!

Stretching is very safe if you do it correctly. However, if you do it wrong then it can lead to some problems. For example, stretching cold muscles can cause them to be more prone to injury since they will not be warmed up yet.

It’s always important to stretch your muscles before activity in order to prevent unnecessary risk of muscle strain or tears.

7) You May Not Get The Results You Want!

While stretching can be a good thing for many people, it isn’t right for everyone. There are specific reasons why some people should not stretch their muscles such as after an injury or if you have a medical condition that prevents you from doing so (such as having a broken bone or being extremely obese). If you have any of these conditions, then you should consult your doctor before starting any sort of new stretching routine.

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8) It’s Not The 1970s—It’s Not Just For Hippies Anymore!

When most people think of people who stretch regularly, they usually think of a group of people in the park wearing tie-dyed shirts and flowers in their hair. While many people associate stretching with this group of people, it really is beneficial to anyone who wants to improve their bodies, feel better, prevent injuries and live a longer healthier life.

The psoas is just one of many muscles that need to be stretched in order for a person’s body to operate at its peak potential. It’s important not to overlook the benefits that stretching can provide.

9) You Could Always Try Something Like Yoga!

Yoga is a type of exercise that involves stretching and breathing techniques. It’s commonly practiced by people who are interested in becoming more agile, mobile and limber. Many different celebrities practice yoga such as Jennifer Aniston, Gwen Stefani and Madonna.

10) It’s Never Too Late To Start!

No matter how old you are or what your current state of health, it’s never too late to start a stretching routine. Many doctors and physical therapists recommend this to their older patients in order to prevent a loss of mobility that often comes with aging. And it’s not just for older people!

Anyone can benefit from stretching their muscles on a regular basis.

Benefits Of Stretching

Stretching has a wide range of benefits that everyone can enjoy. Some of those benefits include:

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1) Prevent Injury

Stretching your muscles before and after activity prevents small tears in your muscles that often occur when you exercise. This tearing is what causes the pain and swelling that often comes with working out. By stretching your muscles, you can prevent these tears from occurring which helps to keep your muscles from getting sore.

Stretching also increases your range of motion which is important for athletes and people who have physically demanding jobs.

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