A 12-Week Fat Loss Plan: Phase Two

What is A 12-Week Fat Loss Program?

A 12-week fat loss program is a type of weight loss plan where you start with the lowest possible amount of calories and gradually reduce them over time until reaching your goal weight. You may lose up to 10% or more of your starting bodyweight during this period. This method of losing weight works best if you are trying to drop pounds quickly without having to count every calorie or counting yourself out from food altogether.

How Does A 12-Week Fat Loss Work?

The first thing you need to do is determine how many days you will follow this 12-week fat loss program. If you want to lose weight fast, then it would be better if you can cut down the number of days in which you are following this plan. However, if your goal is to maintain your current size or even gain some weight back, then it might not make sense to cut down the number of days.

You have two options when it comes to choosing the number of days you will follow this 12-week fat loss program. You can either go with the “Easy” option and choose one day per week, or you can opt for the “Hard” option and choose three days per week. For most people, going with the Hard option is probably better since it means that you won’t get bored easily.

What You Can or Cannot Eat

As far as what you can and cannot eat, here is a general outline of the rules. Your vegetables, eggs, and bacon can come from either the raw or cooked varieties. Try to choose the raw versions to get the most nutrition out of these foods.

As far as your fruits go, these should only come in the form of bananas or apples. Bananas should only be eaten with the skin, while apples should only be eaten with the skin and seeds.

For your other meats, you can eat chicken and pork, but these should only come from their raw versions. It would also be best to choose organic meats as opposed to non-organic meats. As for your fats, you can consume both butter and coconut oil in order to get enough calories.

For your other oils, such as olive oil, you can only use these for cooking and not consumption.

Carbs are very limited with this program. The only carbs you should get should come from green vegetables such as broccoli or asparagus. These are OK to eat since most diets limit your carb intake anyway.

You should also be getting most of your carbs from fruits, so this means that you will have to eat at least three bananas per day and at least four apples per day.

12 Week Fat Loss Program: Phase 1

This first phase is all about preparation. This means that the first week of the program is all about eating plenty of nutritious foods such as meats, vegetables, and fruits in order to give your body the proper nutrients it needs to get through the program. It is very important that you follow this first week in order for the rest of the program to work properly.

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During this first phase, you can eat as much as you want until your stomach feels full. You should be aiming for eating all the food that has been allotted to you for each meal though, but you can always go back for more if you’re still hungry.

This first week will also be including a special dessert at night. This dessert is optional, but it’s highly recommended that you do have this dessert as it helps with controlling your hunger while losing weight.

Another part of this first week is removing certain foods that are not helpful when trying to lose weight. This means removing all breads, pastas, and most carbs from your diet. This includes things like potatoes, rice, noodles, and anything else of the sort.

Also remove all desserts and junk food from your diet as well.

The Week Before The Program Begins

Zero carb foods are allowed:





Fruits (1-5 per day)

Zero carb beverages:

A 12-Week Fat Loss Plan: Phase Two - from our website


Tea (No milk)

Herbal tea (No milk)

Coffee (No milk)

Bone Broth (Any Type)


Stevia (No other flavors)

Lo Han Guo

Coconut Palm Sugar

A 12-Week Fat Loss Plan: Phase Two - GymFitWorkout

Yacon Syrup

Glucomannan (In Soup)

First Week Of The Program

Eat all of the foods listed under each meal. Drink the recommended amounts of water. Week one is all about preparation and nutrition, so make sure to follow it carefully!


2 eggs (Poached or boiled, no additional fat)

1 piece of meat (No skin or fat, preferably lean like turkey or chicken)

1 Bowl of Vegetables (Eat all of the vegetable soup in the bowl)


2 eggs (Poached or boiled, no additional fat)

1 piece of meat (No skin or fat, preferably lean like turkey or chicken)

A 12-Week Fat Loss Plan: Phase Two - | Gym Fit Workout

1 Bowl of Veget

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