A Different Version of CrossFit: How I Made My Training Sustainable and Injury Free

A Different Version of CrossFit: How I Made My Training Sustainable and Injury Free


I started training at f45 in 2012. At first it was a great experience because i had a lot of fun doing all the workouts with my friends. But after two years, things were getting worse. There were no new workouts or even any changes to old ones, so i began to get bored with them. One day i realized that i could do all the exercises without ever having to stop and start again.

That’s when i decided to try something different.

At first, there was only one thing that made sense: the core lifts like squats, deadlifts, bench presses and rows. They are easy enough to learn but hard enough to master that they will always be useful in my life.

So what did i do?

I added some gymnastics moves into my routine too! I mean, if you want to look like a superhero, then you need to have super strength.

And what would be more powerful than the ability to perform acrobatic feats?

So now i’m not just lifting weights anymore; i’m performing gymnastic movements while lifting weights. Now i don’t think about how much weight i am using and instead focus on my form and perfecting it every time. This way, I can perform an exercise to failure and never get bored with it. This is especially great because failure is when the most growth happens. Just think about how many people do bench press and never touch a weight even once after mastering it, let alone go to failure.

Then there are the more difficult moves that help my body defy gravity. With these exercises, my upper body strength has grown immensely.

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