A Minimalist Running Shoe for Under $20

A Minimalist Running Shoe for Under $20:

Minimalism is not just about being cheap. It’s about being smart.

Minimizing your possessions helps you live a simpler life while still having all the comforts of modern life. One of the most important aspects of minimalism is finding the right shoe that fits your feet perfectly. They have been specifically engineered to provide maximum comfort and support. The best part is that they’re super affordable! Some of the models go for less than $20. That’s pretty amazing when you think about it.

Why spend hundreds on a pair of running shoes that don’t work well for you?

The main reason why these shoes are so inexpensive is because there aren’t too many companies making them anymore. In the early 2000’s, there were dozens of companies making minimal running shoes. However, in recent years it’s been proven that people don’t prefer this style. Most people like having a bit more support when they run, which is why most shoe companies stopped making minimal running shoes. A few brands stuck with them, though, and for good reason.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can make your own minimalist running shoes. All you need is an old worn out pair of shoes, some sandpaper, and some glue (optional).

Start by sanding down the sole of your shoe so that it’s nice and smooth. The smoother the sole, the more comfortable your foot will be when running or walking. After you’ve finished with that, all you have to do is simply go for a run!

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to running shoes. And if you just want to try out minimalist running shoes, you can make your own for less than $20!

We here at FitKicks hope you find the right pair of running shoes for you. Remember, the best shoe for you is the one that you’ll actually wear.


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