A New Age Foundation for Life-Long Bodybuilding

A New Age Foundation for Life-Long Bodybuilding: What Is It?

The name “New Age” refers to the philosophy of life, which is based on universal principles. These are called the “Five Spiritual Laws”. According to these laws, one must live according to their true nature; they cannot change themselves into something else. They have no choice but to follow them or not at all. One’s actions will determine whether they reach enlightenment or remain trapped in ignorance forever.

These five spiritual laws are:

1) All things pass, but not like that of men.

2) Everything changes, but not in a way that would surprise us.

3) There is nothing new under the sun.

4) Nothing happens until it happens.

5) Things stay the same even when they aren’t.

According to the law #3, everything changes, but not in a way that would surprise us. For example, if you were born on September 1st, then you will probably die on December 31st.

However, there is nothing special about your birth date because it doesn’t affect anything. If you lived from January 1st to February 28th (or whatever), then you will still live until March 29th or April 30th. Every date has its own, inherent nature. We can predict the future only within these frames.

In other words, the New Age philosophy is very pragmatic and realistic. You are who you are; you didn’t choose your personality, you can’t change it for something else.

Neither did you choose your place of birth or residence.

Life is not just like a coin that has only two sides: “Heads” and “Tails”. There are several hidden sides.

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Some of them are:

1) “Hid”, 2) “Ate”, 3) “Dead”, 4) “Idea”.

Everything is opposite to something, but thing can be opposite to more than one thing. For example, “Pebbles” are the opposite of “Sandals”, but they are also the opposite of “Flowers”.

The most important part is that you should focus on what is really important to you and ignore the rest. As they say, “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”.

The New Age way of life is simple:

1) Keep Your Promises.

2) Be Kind to People.

3) Take Care of Yourself.

4) Don’t Worry About Things You Can’t Change.

5) Do What you Love Everyday!

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I like the following analogy: your life is just a journey. Once you reach your destination, your life will be over.

Some people want to reach their destination as soon as possible, and some others want to enjoy every second of the journey. You can be frustrated if you don’t reach your final destination within a year, or you can simply take your time and enjoy the ride.

The average life expectancy in the United States is around 78 years (male) and 85 years (female). If you are an average American, you probably have at least 40 good working years ahead of you.

You can count from the moment you are born until the moment you die, or you can make the most of your life. (And if you don’t reach the average, then you’re lucky!)

There are many other “New Age” philosophies, but there is no need to talk about all of them. No matter which one you believe in and how much, your life will be an improvement if you just follow any one of them.

Of course, you don’t need to follow any one of them in order to improve your life. You can make your life an endless quest for knowledge and wisdom or just a simple, easy life.

The choice is entirely up to you.

Now is the time to make that decision.

What will you do with your life?

But let’s say that you’ve done everything right and you are content with your life now. You have a lot of friends, a loving family, a beautiful house, a well-paying job, good health, and all the money that you need.


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In this case, the next logical step is to learn how to become immortal!

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Learn How to Live Forever

The ancient Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, once said: “Nature abhors a void”. This is very true.

Nature hates emptiness and loves balance. As such, death is merely the cessation of life, while life itself is merely a temporary state of equilibrium within an indefinitely continuing struggle of existence.

You are alive now because your body is in a state of equilibrium: providing exactly as much life force as the various natural forces destroying it. This delicate balance can be achieved in several different ways: you can destroy the scepter of life (your body), before the forces of death destroy it; or, you can go into a sort of suspended animation until such time when medical science develops to a degree where it is able to halt the aging process altogether.

The first option is rather obvious: you can kill yourself. This is not as easy as it may sound, however, and there are quite a number of drawbacks to this approach.

Chief among which are the fact that it is considered to be illegal in most western countries (especially for young people), and that it is a rather traumatic experience which most people find unpleasant.

The second option is to go into suspended animation, which is mainly helpful for long space flights. In the coming century, medical science will develop to a degree where it will be able to keep people in a state of unconsciousness, ” alive”, and in stasis, for hundreds and even thousands of years.

This way, they won’t suffer from the ill-effects of traveling at near-light speeds (which is something that we still can’t do yet).

Unfortunately, medical science won’t develop that far within your life-time. In fact, it won’t even develop to any significant degree until the beginning of the 25th century.

Though medical science can keep you in an unconscious state and ” alive”, it is still a long way from being able to do neither of those things and yet have you still be “alive”.

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Most likely, you won’t be able to pursue this option until several decades after your death.

So why pursue it at all?

There are two good reasons for doing so:

1). As I said above, you will still be “alive”, which means that you can pursue the second option without all those nasty side-effects.

2). Governments and religions may frown upon those who seek technological immortality.

They may even go as far as to destroy them. By pursuing this option now, you would avoid any repercussions should your continued existence be discovered by them!

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You can’t stay on this page. You have to choose which option you wish to pursue now.

So, which is it to be?

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The process is a slow one and will take decades, but there will be little discomfort involved for you. As with many medical procedures, the main problems will be mental rather than physical (i.e.

involving legal and administrative headaches).

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When the medical scientists finally perfect suspended animation (this will be well before the year 2400), they will be able to keep someone “alive” indefinitely as long as they are regularly “recharged” (akin to charging a battery, hence the name). They will have to keep you in a huge tank of fluid (this will be nitrogen, possibly mixed with other gases) your body will be floating in (it will also be specially designed for you).

Unfortunately, medical science won’t be able to revive you immediately. No-one yet knows how to instantly revive someone who has been in suspended animation for hundreds of years.

As such, when they finally do figure it out, you will have to endure months of re-training (regaining physical and mental skills and reflexes that you would have otherwise lost during the long sleep). This process will be similar to university education for young people of today.

So, how will you go about this?

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This option involves having your physical form (your body) altered in order to survive the ravages of time and space. While you’ll still be human, the changes will be so great that it might as well be considered “post-human”.

Most likely, you will have to undergo the changes now in order to survive the trip. The changes will be as follows:

Firstly, your body’s maximum life span will no longer be limited to around a century or so (as it is for normal humans). Your body’s cells will continue to divide, just at a slower rate.

This slow down can be accelerated if you wish to remain on the “outside” for prolonged periods of time. Alternatively, you can remain on the ship in a state of suspended animation. In this state, your body’s cells will slow down to a virtual halt, making you virtually immortal as far as cell degradation is concerned.

Second of all, your body will undergo “change” in order to adapt to different atmospheres and changes in gravity. For example, if you were in a high-gravity environment (such as one similar to that of a gas giant), the bones in your body would gradually become more dense so that you wouldn’t be crushed by their increased weight.

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