A New Look at The Cause of ACL Injuries

A Clue To Understanding Why Some People Are More Likely To Get An ACL Injury Than Others?

The most common cause of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries is overuse or repetitive stress injury. Overuse refers to any type of activity that causes the body to adapt to a certain level of exertion without increasing its ability to recover from such activities. The body’s natural adaptation to repeated strain injury is the development of scar tissue. Scar tissue acts like a shock absorber and helps prevent further damage to the knee joint. However, if there are too many repetitive stresses placed upon the knee, then the risk of developing permanent damage increases significantly.

What Is Reciprocal Knee Osteoarthritis (RKOA)?

Reciprocal means “on both sides” and osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease characterized by the gradual loss of cartilage in joints. Cartilage is made up of two types:

Type I collagen which provides structural support Type IIA protein which plays an essential role in maintaining normal function of connective tissues and bone cells.

In addition to the loss of cartilage, RKOA patients experience pain, swelling, stiffness, weakness and other signs and symptoms that may indicate arthritis.

What is the relationship between RKOA and ACL injuries?

This is a good question. We know that RKOA can be caused by two things:

Chronological aging Anticipated activity level (overuse)

Both of these factors contribute to a state of general fatigue and tissue degeneration throughout your entire body, including your knees.

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