A Peek Inside Renaissance Periodization

Renaissance man was one of the most influential figures in history. His name is Leonardo da Vinci. He invented many things such as the camera, telescope, printing press, gunpowder and many other inventions. However, it’s not just his work that made him famous; he also had a great love for nature and animals. He spent a lot of time studying them and even wrote several books on natural science topics. One of these books was called “The Last Supper” and it’s about the life of Jesus Christ. Leonardo da Vinci was a very religious person, so much that he refused to marry because he didn’t want to get married at all. He believed that marriage would lead to too much materialism and immorality. However, he did have a few close friends who were married with children, which made him happy enough.

In fact, Leonardo Da Vinci was also known for having some unorthodox ideas when it came to his diet plan. For example, he once claimed that eating meat was bad for your health and recommended vegetarian diets instead.

He also believed that fasting was good for your body. He said:

“Fasting is a necessary evil…It prevents us from being overcharged with vital energy and keeps our bodies strong.” – Leonardo da Vinci

He wasn’t the only one who thought like this though. Many people before him had similar thoughts on how their diet plans worked out for them.

Even within the renaissance period, many believed that diet was important in helping them reach their goals. Nowadays there are a lot of diet plans out there for people to follow. The most common ones are vegetarian diets, fasting, and paleo diets. While these diets may have worked for some people before, they might not work for everyone in the same way. This is why you need to find the right diet plan based on your body type.

What is a body type?

A body type is just a classification system used to label a person’s body composition. There are three main types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. Each body type is different in its own way and has a different response to diet plans.


An Ectomorph has a slim frame with little fat on their body. They have small joints and lean muscles.

If you look at an Ectomorph, they often have a fragile appearance. While they may be small in size, they can benefit greatly from strength training. For example, gymnasts tend to be Ectomorphs due to their lack of body fat and lean muscle mass.

A diet plan that would probably work out best for an Ectomorph is the Paleo diet plan. It would fill them with the nutrients they need without causing them to gain too much weight.

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On the other hand, an Ectomorph would most likely suffer on a fasting diet since they have a hard enough time gaining weight as it is.


A Mesomorph often has a medium muscular build. They neither have a lot of muscle mass nor a lot of fat.

They often have broad shoulders and a medium chest. If you looked at their body, it appears to be “built for function”. As such, they can benefit from either a paleo or fasting diet plan since they aren’t lacking in either department.


An Endomorph has soft round features such as a round face, thighs and arms. They often have a round chest and a large stomach.

Just by looking at them, it’s easy to tell that they are the “hefty” types. Endomorphs gain muscle and weight easier than the other body types. They can benefit greatly from a paleo or fasting diet since both plans cut out a lot of junk food that they like to eat.

Finding The Right Diet Plan For You

It should be known that there is no “best” diet plan that works for everyone. However, by understanding your body type and what it needs to work properly; you can find a diet plan that does work for you.

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For example, considering your body type, the Paleo diet might work out great for you. The next step would be to follow the Paleo diet and monitor your progress. Remember that certain diets will work better for some people while others won’t. You have to experiment around with different types to see what works best for you.

Even if you find a diet that works for you, you must also be consistent with it. You aren’t going to lose weight or gain more energy if you only follow such a strict diet plan for only a day or two.

It takes weeks, sometimes months to see real results.

There are many different diet plans out there for people to follow. The key is finding one that suits your body type in order to maximize your body’s potential.

We will be posting various diet plans in the weeks to come so stay tuned.

This is part one of a two part series. Part two is located here.

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