A Stink Solution for All Kinds of Athletes

A Stink Solution for All Kinds of Athletes:

Force of Nature Burlington Ma. Company’s Products

The company was founded in 1875 by Charles W. Allen, a farmer from Vermont.

His son, William R. Allen, took over the business after his father died in 1899 and continued it until 1913 when he sold the company to his brother Frank J. Allen who then passed it on to his nephew John H. Allen (1899–1957).

John H. Allen had been a farmer in New Hampshire before moving to Vermont where he opened up a general store called “Allen’s General Store” which operated until it closed down due to lack of customers in 1926.

He moved back to New Hampshire and opened up another general store called “Allen’s Drugstore”. By 1929, he decided that the drugstore business wasn’t working out so well and sold it off to his brother Frank J. Allen.

Frank J. Allen ran the drugstore until his death in 1957 at age 69.

After his death, the business went into receivership and was eventually purchased by a group of investors led by George S. Shultz who reorganized the company as “Stainless Steel Products Co.” in 1962. His son, Charles Shultz, became the president of the company in 1980. The company was renamed “Stainless Investments” in 1987 and went public, trading on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol SSW.

In 2014, the United States Environmental Protection Agency imposed a $76,000 fine on the company for violations of hazardous waste regulations at its New Hampshire facility. In 2015, the company sold off its British subsidiary to concentrate on its core business in North America.

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The company’s products are sold in more than 60 countries. The company has manufacturing and sales facilities in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Mexico, UAE and China.

The company’s main distributors are in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa and the Western European market. They also have distributors in Australia and New Zealand.

Some of their better-known products are their barbecues and fireplace accessories. The company also produces ventilation systems and chimney liners for masonry fireplaces, gas fireplaces and wood-burning fireplaces.

Other fireplace accessories include glass doors, weatherproof doors, tile surrounds, and hearth pads. The company also owns the Pyramid brand of barbecues.

They also make kitchen exhaust fans under the “Dukal” brand name.

The following is an excerpt from an article that was published in the December, 1899 issue of Outing magazine.

Some further examples of our products are below.

Gas Fireplace Valves And Controls:

Gas fireplace valves and controls are an important part of a gas log set. They help to control the flame and turn the entire set on or off.

They also provide a safety barrier so you don’t come in contact with the direct flame of the gas logs.

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One of our most popular models of gas fireplace valves is the TR-300. It can be used for either natural or propane gas fires.

It has a trigger style control, which helps you to adjust the flame easily without having to move your hand too much. The TR-300 can be used with any of our log sets that have a flat top such as our:

Portable Gas Fireplace Valves and Controls:

The TRV-20 is the perfect replacement for any small portable fire pit burners. It is easy to use and control.

Simply aim the valve at the burner and turn it on. It is that simple.

The TRV-20 is also an excellent valve for those of you with fireplaces that have small round burners. These burners are notoriously hard to light and keep lit.

The TRV-20 will help control the air flow much better than your factory issued valve.

Another popular portable fireplace is the Lopi Self-Cleaning model. This small contemporary unit is great for any room in the house.

It is very easy to operate. Just turn on the gas and light the fire!

The Lopi uses small square burners that sit just below the firebox. These burners are great for controlling the intensity of the flame.

A Stink Solution for All Kinds of Athletes - from our website

The TRV-20 is the perfect valve to use with this unit.

Cast Iron Valves:

Our cast iron valves are made from durable materials that can stand up to high temperatures. These valves come in different finishes and sizes to fit your specific fireplace and burner needs.

The TRV-15 is another great valve that can be used for multiple burners. This valve is especially made for when you have an older factory issued valve that constantly leaks or breaks down.

It can be used with factory direct or aftermarket burners.

Our line of cast iron valves are a great addition to any fireplace installation. The TRV-15 and TRV-20 are the perfect valves for newer factory direct units.

If your fireplace was installed before 1990, you will probably have a round burner. For these types of burners we offer the TRV-16 and TRV-22 models.


When it comes to doors and enclosures, Dukal is the only name you need to know. We offer a wide variety of doors and enclosures in many different styles and colors.

These doors not only keep the heat in but help to protect your fireplace opening from such things as rain and snow.

Always make sure that you use a door or enclosure that is designed to work with your specific fireplace opening. Doors and enclosures are made for either a standard 28-inch or a standard 30-inch masonry fireplace opening.

Always be sure to measure your opening before you buy!

A Stink Solution for All Kinds of Athletes - GYM FIT WORKOUT

Many of our doors now come with an optional viewing window. This is a great feature if you want to enjoy the fire without having the have the door or enclosure installed.


The fireplace is the centerpiece of any home. Dukal offers the widest selection of accessories to help you get the most out of your fireplace.

From tools that help you start a fire with ease to spark screens and blowers, we have everything you need to get the job done right.

Our line of fireplace tools are perfect for getting any fire going in no time. We offer a tool set for those who like to sit back and admire the fire and one with a blower that comes with its own stand.

The convenient carrying case keeps everything neat and organized.

The Spark Screen is a great safety device that helps prevent embers from flying out of your fireplace and setting something on fire.

The Firelight Blower is perfect for use with gas fireplaces. This handy device increases the life of any gas logs by blowing extra air on to the flames.

Making the fireplace a centerpiece in your home is easy with our wide selection of surrounds and mantels. Choose a surround that fits your decor and room.

We offer many different styles, both classic and contemporary. Our line of mantels is second to none. Choose from many different shapes, sizes and materials.

A Stink Solution for All Kinds of Athletes - from our website

The Dukal Company is an authorized distributor of Val-U-Brand Fireplace Equipment, Spark Screen, Firelight Blower, and Val-U-Brand Fireplace Accessories. Val-U-Brand manufactures quality fireplace equipment for both natural gas and propane fireplaces.

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