Advancing Bodyweight Skills: Proper Handstand Progressions

Handstand Tutorial

The handstand is one of the most challenging exercises to learn. There are many misconceptions about it, which makes learning it difficult.

Many beginners don’t have the right body type or strength levels to perform this exercise properly. If you want to improve your handstand skills, then you need proper guidance from a qualified instructor or trainer.

There are several ways to teach someone how to do a handstand correctly. You could show them the correct way with a video, you could give them a physical demonstration, or you could even just tell them what they should do.

I prefer all three methods because each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here’s why…

Video Demonstration – This is probably the easiest way to get someone started doing a handstand correctly. You can show them how to hold their body up using a harness, or you could simply show them the position without any assistance.

Physical Demonstration – Physical demonstrations are great if you’re teaching someone who doesn’t have much experience with handstands. They provide an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the correct technique for everyone involved.

However, this method isn’t ideal if you want to teach someone who already has some experience performing a handstand correctly.

Just Tell Them How To Do It – Just telling someone how to do a handstand isn’t ideal for a beginner. That’s because most people will have difficulty learning new skills when they don’t have any hands-on guidance.

In other words, someone is more likely to mess up if you just give them instructions with no visual demonstration.

However, I still use this method all the time when I’m teaching experienced students. Actually, I find that most people understand better if I just tell them what they should be doing.

Advancing Bodyweight Skills: Proper Handstand Progressions - at GYMFITWORKOUT

Plus, it’s faster than physically demonstrating the skill and you can work with multiple people at one time.

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