An Argument Against the Barbell

An Argument Against the Barbell:

Barbell is a good tool for weight training. However, it is not suitable for all body types.

Some people have narrow shoulders and long arms while others are short and broad-shouldered. For some people, barbell may cause shoulder pain or even damage their rotator cuff muscles. So, if you are one of those people, then don’t use barbell.

Another issue with barbell is that it requires a lot of space. If you want to do heavy exercises like squats and deadlifts, then you need enough room to move around.

Also, if your gym doesn’t allow any equipment beyond a squat rack and free weights, then it will be hard for you to get started with barbell training.

Lastly, barbell is expensive. You might think that it would be cheaper to buy a cheap dumbbell instead of buying a new set of weights.

But there are several reasons why you shouldn’t buy cheap dumbbells. First of all, they aren’t made out of metal and therefore they won’t last as long as steel ones. Second, cheap dumbbells tend to break easily because they’re so weak compared to steel ones. Last but not least, cheap dumbbells are a nightmare to store because they take up a lot of space.

If you can’t find any good reasons to use barbell, then you should just stay away from it. You will not progress as quickly as you would with barbell but that’s life.

An Argument Against the Barbell - gym fit workout

Your goal is to build a strong and healthy body, not to become a powerlifter or bodybuilder.

However, barbell can be useful for other types of exercises like overhead press and deadlifts. If you must use barbell for these exercises, then please read the advice below on how to execute them without causing any shoulder pain.

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