An Easy, Effective Hip Flexor Stretch You Can Do Anywhere

An easy, effective hip flexor stretch you can do anywhere!

The Hip Flexor Stretches For Lower Back Pain: A Complete Guide To Unlocking Your Hips And Preventing Injury

By Mark Sisson

I’ve been doing these hip flexor stretches for years now and I’m still amazed at their effectiveness. They’re so simple yet they seem to work wonders for me.

When I first started doing them, I was skeptical but after many months of practicing them (and getting injured) I had no problems with my lower back. My low back pain disappeared completely and it hasn’t returned since.

Nowadays when I feel tightness or pain in my lower back, I immediately start stretching my hips and then repeat the same thing for my hamstrings. If you have any kind of chronic lower back pain, these are the stretches you need to do ASAP!

These stretches will not only prevent injury, but they’ll also keep your muscles strong and flexible which will make you look better too. I guarantee it!

Hip Flexor Stretches For Lower Back Pain: A Complete Guide To Unlocking Your Hips And Preventing Injury

What Are These Hip Flexor Stretches?

If you suffer from lower back pain, chances are good that one of the main culprits is your hips. The hips are a common weak point in everyone, even those who you think have great posture.

As you go about your day, your body weight is constantly putting strain on your hip flexors. Unless your hips are flexible enough to allow for the movement, your pelvis ends up slipping out of position and this is when you feel pain (and potentially injure yourself).

This is why it’s very important to stretch your hips regularly.

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