An Encyclopedia of Workouts: 10 Links to Workouts That Fit Every Need

An encyclopedia of workouts: 10 links to workout programs that fit every need

Workout routines are great for building up your muscles and getting rid of those unwanted pounds. They’re also good for improving overall health and preventing diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, arthritis and osteoporosis.

These programs will help you lose weight quickly without putting on any extra fat or gaining too much muscle mass.

These workouts are all based on different principles. Some of them include interval training, circuit training, strength training, cardio and bodyweight exercises.

You’ll find many different kinds of workouts here. There’s even a section called “Exercise Programs” where you can learn how to build your own workout program from scratch using various exercises and other techniques.

The best part?

All these workout routines are free! No registration required. Just click through to each one and start doing it today!

1. Bodyweight Exercises – Free Online Workout Routines For Beginners

If you want to get started with bodyweight exercises, there are plenty of online programs that can teach you how to do so. These programs come in several varieties: beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve done some training before, there’s something here for you.

An Encyclopedia of Workouts: 10 Links to Workouts That Fit Every Need - GYM FIT WORKOUT

2. Strength Training Exercises By Mark Lauren – Free Online Workout Routines For Men

Here is a unique system of strength training routines developed by ex-Navy SEAL Mark Lauren. The advantage of this program is that it’s very easy to follow; the routines are all laid out for you in an easy-to-use format.

You simply choose the routine that matches your current level of strength and proficiency.

3. 25 Minutes 4-Day Split – Free Online Workout Routine By Jacob Russel

This is an easy to follow 4-day split routine designed by Jacob Russel, fitness expert and winner of the 2013 Men’s Health Next Top Trainer competition. This is a great routine for intermediate lifters who have been training consistently for at least a year and are looking for something new.

4. Fat Loss For Men – Free Online Workout Routine

Here is a 12-week fat loss program ideal for men who want to build muscle while burning fat. The routine uses a 4-day split and includes beginner and intermediate routines.

All you need is about half an hour of free time and some basic exercise equipment (dumbbells and a bench).

5. Bodyweight Workout Routine – Free Online Routine

Here is an easy to follow, progressive bodyweight workout routine for beginners. This routine can be done anywhere and only requires your body and some floor space.

An Encyclopedia of Workouts: 10 Links to Workouts That Fit Every Need - | Gym Fit Workout

Simple, but effective.

6. Be Strong Program – Free Online Workout Routine

The Be Strong Program is a free online resource for learning how to train effectively with weights. It includes several different weight lifting programs for both men and women.

There are also separate programs for sports specific training, mixed martial arts, seniors and a section on weight loss.

7. – Free Workouts, Exercise Guides And Videos is an online encyclopedia of exercise with workouts, exercise guides and instructional videos that help you develop strength, energy, flexibility, balance and fitness.

8. ExRx.

net: Resources For Fitness Professionals

This section of the website is designed for personal trainers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, educators and other health professionals who want to use exercise as a tool to assist their clients.

An Encyclopedia of Workouts: 10 Links to Workouts That Fit Every Need - gym fit workout

9. Start Bodyweight Training – Free Beginner’s Guide To Bodyweight Training

This free guide was written to introduce you to the wonderful world of bodyweight training. We’ll cover both the advantages of bodyweight training vs.

weight training and how to get the most out of bodyweight exercises using proper form.

10. Stretching Exercises – Free Stretching Guide

This is a free guide that explains the importance of warming up, flexibility and how to prevent injury through regular stretching exercises.

Strength Training Equipment – Amazon Market Place

1. Dumbbell Sets

Man, I really wish I had a good set of dumbbells in my garage gym – it just makes doing certain exercises so much easier. It also helps to have different weights so you can change the difficulty.

An Encyclopedia of Workouts: 10 Links to Workouts That Fit Every Need - gym fit workout

I’ve had a set of adjustable dumbbells for a while, but I still find myself wishing I had a few extra pounds on either end of the range.

I’ve got a set of these CAP hex heads and I really like them. The grips are easy on the hands and the hex shape makes for easier storage.

CAP Barbell Hex Head Dumbbell

Price: $140.00 usd (£90.00 GBP)

These are good hex dumbbells with a solid build and easily changeable plates. The handles are good for swings and snatches but I wouldn’t recommend them for anything requiring a tight grip, like chin ups or deadlifts.

Good for the price, though.

2. Barbells And Weight Plates

If you’re going to do heavy barbell training, then it’s a good idea to get the biggest bar you can afford at the time because it’ll save you money and hassle in the long run. If you go with the cheaper option of a smaller bar, you’ll have to continually replace it as you grow and increase the amount of weight you use.

Bigger bars are also much more expensive so it’s generally a false economy to buy a cheaper, smaller bar.

Body-Solid Olympic 2 Inch Chrome Bar

Price: $284.00 usd (£184.00 GBP)

An Encyclopedia of Workouts: 10 Links to Workouts That Fit Every Need - Picture

This is an excellent standard Olympic bar for all your heavy lifting needs. Good knurling and durable build make it a solid tool to improve your strength.

Comes with collar and end cap.

3. Dumbbells And Weight Plates

Pick up a good set of hexagonal dumbbells and you’ll never have to buy another pair for as long as you own them (as long as you look after them). They’re great for people training at home because they don’t take up much room compared to a full set of weights.

Stairmaster Dumbbells (Pair)

Price: $135.00 usd (£83.00 GBP)

These are a solid pair of dumbbells from one of the leading manufacturers in this field. They’re easy to use and well made so you can concentrate on lifting.

4. Weight Benches

An Encyclopedia of Workouts: 10 Links to Workouts That Fit Every Need - from our website

When it comes to weight benches you really have two options: adjustable or stringer/stable. With an adjustable bench you can adjust the position of the bench to flat, incline or decline.

This allows you to work different muscles with different angles.

With a bench without an adjustable angle you just lie on it and lift. The advantage of these benches is they’re often cheaper and take up less space.

The downside is that they can be less comfortable and you can’t do certain exercises like overhead presses (unless you have separate equipment).

Rep Fitness Flat Weight Bench

Price: $198.96 usd (£127.00 GBP)

As the description says, this bench is good for general strength and size training. It’s a solid piece of equipment that can be used for any exercises you want to do.

5. Racks And Power Racks

Racks come in many forms. Squat racks, bench press racks, deadlift racks…

You get the idea. The one thing they all have in common is that they are designed to securely hold the weight you’re lifting so you don’t have to worry about it and can focus on the lift. Having a rack also allows you to lift more weight than you could normally handle which can help speed up your rate of strength gains.

Rep Fitness Power Rack

Price: $737.00 usd (£473.00 GBP)

An Encyclopedia of Workouts: 10 Links to Workouts That Fit Every Need - from our website

This power rack is a monster and is made of heavy duty steel tubing. It can be used for squats, bench presses and many other exercises you can think of.

Comes with a range of different pin types to set the height of the rack so you don’t have to worry about dropping the bar during heavy lifts.

6. Knee And Wrist Wraps

If you do a lot of heavy lifting then protecting your joints is a good idea to avoid pain and injury in the long term. Knee wraps can help support and protect your knees while wrist wraps help keep the pressure off your wrists during heavy lifts such as deadlifts or barbell rows.

7. Chalk

If you plan on lifting heavy then chalk can help you by absorbing moisture from your hands which helps your grip and reduces the chances of the bar slipping out of your hands.

8. Weight Belts

For some people a weight belt can help with heavy lifts by helping to support your back. For others they find they can’t lift as much weight with a belt and avoid using one.

Try both and see which works for you.

Optional Extras

An Encyclopedia of Workouts: 10 Links to Workouts That Fit Every Need - Picture

Elbow And Knee Sleeves

If you do a lot of heavy lifting or plan to start then some elbow and knee sleeves can offer support and protection to these areas. They also keep your skin cool by reducing friction between the skin and clothes.

Weightlifting Shoes

If you’re a serious weightlifter then a pair of lifting shoes can help with your form and give you more stability. As with the belt, everyone’s feet are different so it’s worth trying on a few different pairs to see which is most comfortable.


No, not duct tape! Kidding!

I’m talking about athletic tape. If you want to lift heavy then you’re probably going to need it at some point because of calluses or blisters. A little piece of tape on your finger tips can make a huge difference to how much weight you can lift.

Wide And Narrow Weightlifting Bars

An Encyclopedia of Workouts: 10 Links to Workouts That Fit Every Need - GymFitWorkout

If the standard weightlifting bar is too big for your liking then there are bars of the same quality that have smaller widths. If you’re still getting used to weight training then a smaller bar may be easier to grip at first.

Powerlifting Plates

If the standard Olympic plates are too thin for your taste then the amount of weight you can lift could be limited. By using specialised powerlifting plates you can lift more weight.

They have a larger diameter than the regular diameter, allowing you to load on more weight.

So there you have a few options for your home gym! Even a cheap set of adjustable dumbbells and a bench is more than enough to get you started.

Good luck!

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