Andy Peloquin

Andy Peloquin was born in the year of 1987. His parents are both scientists. They have been married for over twenty years now and they live together in a small house in the city of New York City. Their son Andy is a bright young man with great potential, but he doesn’t really fit into their normal routine of science experiments or research. Instead he spends most of his time playing video games and watching anime (Japanese animation).

One day while Andy’s mother is cooking dinner, she notices something strange on TV. A news report about a new virus that causes the brain to die. She immediately calls her husband, who tells her not to worry because it won’t spread very far from where it was first discovered. However, he says that there will probably be a few cases of the disease in New York City before it gets wiped out completely.

The next day, Andy’s father goes to work at the university. At around noon, he comes home and finds that his wife has left without saying goodbye. When he asks why, she just says “I don’t like your choice of movies”. Then she leaves again.

At nightfall, Andy’s mom comes home from work and sees him asleep on the couch watching TV. She wakes him up and takes him into his room to sleep. That night, the news reports that all channels have been changed to static. At the same time, most of the electrical equipment in the city has stopped functioning.

The next morning, while Andy is eating breakfast, a loud noise is heard from outside. Andy’s mom tells him to go back to his room and not come out until she calls for him. She goes to the window and sees a large gray battleship hovering over the city.

All around the city, bright red symbols begin to appear on buildings. They look like winged skulls.

The doorbell rings, and Andy’s mom answers it. Two men enter the room, dressed in black suits and wearing gas masks. They hold guns in their hands and tell Andy’s mother to calm down and listen to what they have to say.

The men explain that the world as they knew it has ended. A virus has killed all of the world leaders and experts, and now the population is completely lawless. There is no more government. There is no more electricity. There is no more food.

There is no more water. The only order left in the world is what remains in New York City, and soon this will be gone as well.

The men hold Andy’s mother at gunpoint and tell her she has two choices. Either she give them Andy, who they will take to a “safe place”, or she can remain in the house with no food or water.

By now you know what the right decision is….

Will Andy be able to survive this journey he is about to take? And what happened to his parents?

Stay tuned for our next exciting chapter…..

The game will be freeware.

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The release date is currently planned to be in March, but it may change.

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