Avoid Shoulder Injury by Strengthening the Rotator Cuff

The Rotator Cuff Muscle:

Rotator cuff muscle is located at the front of your shoulder joint. It helps to stabilize the arm during movement.

It’s called rotator cuffs because it contracts when you lift or lower your arm. The most common function of the rotator cuff is to move your shoulder blade (shoulder). When you perform a motion with your arms, the rotation of your shoulders occurs due to contraction of these muscles. If not properly trained, the rotator cuff will become weak and may even cause pain.

When you strengthen your rotator cuff muscles, they are able to support more weight and increase range of motion. They can also assist in preventing shoulder problems such as tears, strains, bruises or sprains.

How to Prevent Shoulder Injuries?

There are several ways to prevent shoulder injuries in the gym.

2) Do Not Overuse Your Shoulder Blades and Muscles

Do exercises that will not strain your shoulder blades and muscles. For example, if you do weight lifting, lay off the bench presses and concentrate on dumbbell flyes or overhead presses.

Also, exercise at a low or high angle rather than straight into the air. This will help to keep your rotator cuff muscles intact and prevent possible strains.

3) Do Not Throw With Too Much Velocity

Do not throw with too much velocity if you want to prevent shoulder injuries. Throwing a ball or object with force can exert a great deal of pressure on the rotator cuff at the front of your shoulder and cause bruising, swelling or worse.

It is better to prevent those injuries by warming up the arm first and then throwing at a leisurely speed.

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