Being Zen While You Workout: Killer Outdoor Training

Being Zen While You Workout: Killer Outdoor Training

Zen is a state of complete non-reactivity to external stimuli. Zen is achieved through concentration and self-control over your thoughts, emotions, sensations and physical responses. It is the ability to remain calm under pressure; it involves being able to maintain equanimity even when faced with great stress or difficulty.

The word “zen” comes from the Japanese verb zen (心) which means neither anger nor fear. Zen is not a passive state, but rather a proactive attitude. Zen is the absence of emotion, but rather an active mind focused on achieving goals and objectives without emotional attachment.

In ancient China there was a saying: “If you want to get anywhere in life, first learn how to smile.”

One of the most common ways to achieve this goal is through meditation. Meditation allows us to focus our attention on a single object while allowing ourselves to experience its presence without any negative feelings.

It’s no wonder then that many people choose to meditate at least once a day! A good way to start practicing mindfulness during your workouts would be with some of these yoga poses. These are just two examples of the hundreds of different types of poses available in yoga classes today.

Yoga not only allows you to achieve inner peace, but it also helps to improve flexibility and physical strength. Because of this, many people who practice yoga on a regular basis find themselves feeling significantly more grounded, confident, and at ease when faced with stressful situations.

With the immense benefits that come with practicing yoga, it’s a wonder that more and more people aren’t joining classes on a daily basis. The reason for this is probably because finding and joining a local yoga studio or gym for a class can be expensive and time consuming. This is why many are choosing to buy equipment for their own homes so they can practice at any time they wish.

Being Zen While You Workout: Killer Outdoor Training - | Gym Fit Workout

A good yoga mat is essential in any home practice. Here are some of the best and most popular yoga mat choices available on the market today:

Lululemon’s The Reversible Mat:

This is a great, inexpensive mat that is reversible so you can choose between a number of colors. It has a smooth texture that makes it easy to grip but also offers a little bit of cushioning for your knees and elbows.

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