Beyond GPP: Find Your Movement Flow

The following are some of the main points of this article:

1) Pavel’s personal experience with GPP (GPSP) training:

2) The principles behind GPSP training:

3) How to apply these principles in your own life:

4) Some exercises that will make you stronger and faster:

5) Other exercises that will not improve your strength or speed but will strengthen your mind and body:

6) Why you need to train at least once per week:


What is GPP? And why do it?


What is StrongFirst?

9) Getting started: (a.k.a

Where do I begin?


Beyond GPP: Find Your Movement Flow - GYM FIT WORKOUT

10) How to make it even stronger and more powerful than it already is:


When I was a young teenager, I lifted weights in a typical “bro” gym like everybody else. I was already pretty strong, but extremely skinny at the same time. And I wanted to get bigger.

For you see, when you’re a young teenager you have a lot of hormones running through your body and one of them is called “growth hormone” which makes your body grow.

So the typical young teenager will naturally grow taller and put on some weight in the process. I did not have this advantage. My body did not produce enough growth hormone for me to grow taller (I was already very tall compared to my height).

While all my other friends shot up in height, I stayed the same.

At any rate, I had always wanted to be a “bodybuilder” like the ones I saw in the magazines and on TV. They were big, muscular, and strong. I wanted to be big and muscular too.

So I joined a typical “bro gym” with my friends.

I did the typical bicep curl, bench press, etc. At the time I couldn’t even do a single push up or pull up. I was very weak in this way.

The problem was that while I was getting bigger and stronger, I was also getting bulkier and unhealthier. The more I lifted, the more inflamed my joints became. I had trouble just walking up stairs or even a slight hill.

I was basically turning into a huge, dumb, slow, unmotivated blob. I didn’t want this, so I stopped going to the gym and didn’t touch a weight for many years.

Fast forward a few years and I joined the Army and learned how to workout properly because guess what you have to do a lot of in the army?

That’s right: you have to lift weights.

Beyond GPP: Find Your Movement Flow - GYM FIT WORKOUT

Lucky for me, I had an older training partner who knew how to train properly. While I started off once again skinny and weak, I quickly learned proper form on the various exercises and began to put on some size (as well as getting a lot stronger).

When I got out of the Army I found myself with more time on my hands and decided to get back into weightlifting. However, this time I wanted to do it right. I was never going to be one of those big bulky bodybuilders, but I could get a lot bigger and stronger than I currently was (and I was pretty strong even for an average guy in his 20’s).

So I started training like a powerlifter. While at first I didn’t put on as much size as when I first started training for the army, I was a whole lot stronger. I eventually got to a point where I could deadlift over 600lbs, bench 450, and squat 550 (I’m about 5’11 and weigh about 220).

Lifting at this level became a little more mental than physical because at this point it really wasn’t about gaining more muscle mass, it was really just about pushing myself past my limits. However, I plateaued at this strength for quite awhile and couldn’t get any stronger no matter how hard I tried or what I did.

I plateaued so long that I ended up getting bored and needing a change again. That’s when I discovered StrongFirst and decided to try a whole new way of training called “GPP” or “General Physical Preparation.”



GPP stands for General Physical Preparation. GPP is all about general physical preparedness and consists of a wide variety of exercises designed to increase your strength, endurance, and overall health. It’s been around since before the days of modern training methods like heavy duty weightlifting.

The reason is because unlike those fancy machines you see in some gyms these days, GPP works for pretty much everyone from professional athletes to little old ladies.

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