Bobby Maximus’s 5 Favorite Not-for-Wimps Workouts

Bobby Maximus is one of the most famous bodybuilders in history. His fame was so great that when he died, his body was exhumed from its grave and displayed in a glass case in the National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.. The museum had been closed since 1985 due to budget cuts, but reopened it’s doors last year after receiving $1 million dollars from Congress.

Maximus was born in 1894 in New York City, but grew up in Brooklyn. He began training seriously at age 15 and won his first Mr. Universe title at 16 years old.

At 19 he became the youngest person ever to win three consecutive Mr. Universe titles (1908–10). After winning those championships, Maximus went on to win the world championship four times between 1910 and 1912—the only man to do so during that time period. He was also the first person to win all five Mr. Universe titles in the same year.

In 1915 Maximus took over as champion of the International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB) and held onto it until 1923, when he retired from competition due to an injury sustained while lifting weights. In 1924 he returned to compete again and won another IFBB title before retiring once more in 1927. During his lifetime Maximus amassed a total of twenty-one Mr.

Universe titles, more than anyone in history. He died of pneumonia in 1953 at the age of sixty-eight.

Bobby’s 5 Favorite Not-For-Wimps Workouts

#5: The Drunk Deadlift

I don’t shill for many things, but I do believe in a good stiff drink every once in a while. Nothing like a few shots of tequila to get the old dopamine levels up. What I do is, I go to my local watering hole and order myself a double tequila.

No salt, no lemon, no lime, nothing. Just straight double tequila. They look at me crazy every time, but it’s worth it for that buzz you get after.

Now I used to drink these while standing at the bar, but then I got a little reckless one night and almost fell flat on my face, breaking my neck. Now what I do is, I head to the gym and pick up a heavy deadlift. Now don’t go too crazy.

Pick a weight that you can easily handle but still struggle with on the last couple reps. Now walk around with the weight for a bit just to make sure your stability is not compromised by the alcohol.

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Now go ahead and drop down and pull that weight straight off the floor. Drop it, rest five minutes, then do it again.

This is what they mean by the term drunk deadlift. You are deadlifting while drunk. Hell, I’ve even seen a couple of guys throw up from drinking too much before attempting this.

I usually get three to four reps in before the tequila takes effect and I have to sit down for a moment.

But when I get back up, I always manage to pull at least one more rep than the last time. After five sets your neck, traps, and lower back should be so jacked you’ll be feeling it for days.

One time I did this I ended up pulling out my entire water bottle from the holder in my car and collapsed on the sidewalk. Good times.

#4: The Wine Bag Carry

This one is courtesy of my good friend El Baron Cohen. I’m telling you, this is an experience you need to try at least once in your life.

#4: The Barbell Curl Machine

I’m a firm believer that every lifter needs to know how to pump out a few good barbell curls. I’m also a firm believer that every lifter should train their biceps at least once per month (whether you need to or not). He calls them “wine-bags”, which is what the French call paper bags that they put their wine glasses in so they don’t have to walk all the way upstairs when they leave the restaurant.

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I’m not exactly sure why he calls them this, but I do know that whenever he goes out to eat at a Middle-Eastern restaurant he will always come back with a stack of them.

What I do is, I take a standard barbell with no weight on one end and a 100-pound plate on the other. I curl that baby for at least three sets of 12 reps. My forearms are pumped to the point where I can’t even grasp a glass or a cup for about a week after doing this.

And my biceps are swole to the point where they’re bigger than my head!

Now I myself don’t really drink, so I was forced to go out and buy a few bottles of cheap wine for this. I picked up a couple of those 1.5 liter bottles of Charles Shaw (which tastes just as bad as it sounds) and made sure to thoroughly rinse them before using them for this purpose.

When you’re done you can simply throw them out, no need to wash them out or anything. I highly recommend you try this if you want to achieve that classic “Popeye” look.

1: The 45-Degree Incline Barbell Press

This one is my all time favorite because it really helps me feel the burn. What I do is I take a 45-degree incline bench and load up the bar with approximately 225 pounds. I lie back on the incline bench and press it off the rack.

I then turn my wrists around so that my palms are facing away from me. This takes some practice and you might want to start out with a lighter weight until you get the feel for it. But trust me, it’s well worth it as your front double-biceps will soon be jelling so hard that people will think you’re starring in a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie.

Well there you have it. Some of my favorite “tricks” for bringing up weak body parts and maximizing certain muscle groups. The only rule is, there are no rules.

So get out there and start experimenting!

Remember, knowledge is power.

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