Bodyweight Workout: Cycle 9, Week 11, Day 1

Bodyweight Exercise: Cycle 9, Week 11, Day 1

Day 1 – Monday

The first day of your training session starts with some light stretching. You will do it for 20 minutes before starting your workout. After stretching, you need to warm up properly.

This means doing some easy cardio exercise like walking or jogging for 10 minutes at a slow pace until you feel comfortable with the activity level. Then you can start your workout.

You should try to get into a good rhythm with your breathing. Try not to hold your breath during the exercise and keep it short and shallow. If you are feeling uncomfortable, then stop immediately and take a break for 5-10 minutes.

Resting too long may cause injury or discomfort so don’t overdo it!

After your cardio session, you should do some stretches and stretch out any tight muscles. You could also use ice packs on sore joints if needed.

Day 2 – Tuesday

In this day, you will perform some basic bodyweight exercises such as pushups, sit ups and crunches. These are all very simple body weight exercises that require little strength and no coordination. If you are a beginner then you can start with as many repetitions as you can handle but try to increase this number every week by 1-3 repetitions.

As you get stronger and more fit, you will find that you need to increase the difficulty of these exercises for them to be effective.

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Once again you should do some light stretching after your exercises and rest if needed.

Day 3 – Wednesday

In this day, you will perform some slightly more difficult bodyweight exercises. These can include jumping jacks, squats, and running on the spot. As before, try to increase the difficulty of these exercises by 1-3 repetitions every week.

Always warm up and stretch out any tight or sore muscles after training.

Day 4 – Thursday

At this point your body should be getting used to the demands that you are placing on it. Train your abs and back by doing a variety of crunches, sit-ups, leg raises and back extension exercises. Try holding a position for a short time to increase the difficulty slowly.

Always remember to warm up before training and cool down afterwards.

Day 5 – Friday

On this day, you can try something different and fun! Go to a park or play some sport for an hour or so. Some good examples include football, basketball, soccer or even tag.

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