Book Review: “Beautiful Babies” by Kristen Michaelis

Book Review: Beautiful Babies by Kristen Michaelis

by Kristen Michaelis

Black Baby Pictures With Dimples: What’s So Special About These Black Babies?

What Makes A Black Baby Unique?

The first thing to note is that black babies are not just any babies. They have a unique look because they come from a different family than other babies. Their skin color is darker than most, which gives them a distinct appearance when compared to their white counterparts. Some say that these babies’ features are so distinctive that they could be considered a separate race altogether.

A black baby with dimples is usually born after a pregnancy gone wrong. If it were up to many parents, their children would all have dark skin, but due to the fact that some women do not want lighter-skinned babies, they opt for having black babies instead. However, there are those mothers who choose to keep their babies light-skinned despite the odds being against them.

If a woman chooses to have her child with dimples, she does so because she believes that such features will make the baby more attractive to potential suitors. Others believe that having dimpled babies makes them look older or wiser. Still others believe that dimpling babies give them a better chance at survival during childbirth. Whatever the reason, there is no denying that black babies with dimples are extremely popular among women.

It is for this reason that many black babies are born with such distinctive characteristics.

Why Is It Important To Admire Black Babies With Dimples?

It is simply important to appreciate all babies, regardless of their skin color or facial features. However, if one must look at only one type, it would probably be the black baby with dimples. These babies are the epitome of cuteness and beauty. If you are the parent of such a baby, you should be proud of the fact that your baby is one of a kind.

If you do not have children, then you may still enjoy imagining what your baby might look like. Although books and movies may provide entertainment with their stories and plots, the black baby with dimples is perhaps the only image that can make one stop and stare in utter amazement.

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