Book Review: “The Subtle Body” by Cyndi Dale

Cyndi Dale’s book “The Subtle Body” was published in 2000. It describes the subtle bodies of humans and other living beings. She writes about how these subtle bodies are connected with our physical bodies and what they do. Her book is very interesting because it explains how to use them effectively for good or bad purposes. I have read her book several times, but never really understood all the details until now!

In this article I will try to explain some of the most important points in her book. Also, I want to give my opinion about certain aspects of her work.

What Is A Subtle Body?

A subtle body is a term used to refer to the energetic structure within us which is invisible at first sight and only becomes apparent when we become aware of it. These energies are not just the result of our thoughts and emotions, but also of our actions. They affect our health, relationships, creativity and even our ability to think clearly.

We usually don’t notice these subtle bodies unless we are directly affected by them. When we feel tired or under stress we may experience a slight drop in energy levels. If someone is angry with us or if something upsets us emotionally then we might experience an increase in energy levels. In these moments it is easy to tell if we feel more or less energetic.

Most people don’t do anything about these changes in energy. They just mind their own business and carry on with their lives.

However, other people become aware of the fact that they feel slightly more or less energetic than usual. They notice that there are certain ways to increase or decrease their energy levels. These people are on their way to becoming energy workers or healers.

The Subtle Body And Our Energy Centers

When it comes to our subtle bodies and the energy that keeps us alive, Cyndi Dale refers to seven main energy centers within a human body. Most of them are in the chest area, but three of them are in the head region. These main energy centers are connected with the endocrine system, which is also related to emotions.

What all these energy centers have in common is that they are connected with the heart. The heart is not just a pump that circulates the blood; it is also a powerful generator of energy. This is why the seven energy centers within us, are also known as the heart centers.

Book Review:

The Seven Heart Centers

The First Energy Center: The Base Center

Within each of us there is an energetic structure which is located at the base of our spine. It is here where we store all of our energy, and it is also one of the main reasons for which people think that they have a lower back problems. If you are constantly experiencing back pain or other issues in this area, then you need to learn how to unblock your first energy center and release the excess energy stored in it. You can do this by performing certain exercises such as yoga, tai chi or even dancing.

In order to understand the importance of the first energy center you need to know where the other six are positioned and what they do.

The Second Energy Center: The Spleen Center

This energy center is related to our emotions and also to our capacity to love, trust and forgive. If this energy center is blocked then it can lead to a certain lack of emotions. This can cause people to act in ways which might not be considered as emotionally healthy or even intelligent. For instance, you might display a lack of interest towards anything that’s boring or mundane even if it could be beneficial to you in the long term. Or you might overreact towards situations that are challenging or traumatic.

The Third Energy Center: The Solar Plexus Center

This is the center of our willpower and personal strength. If this energy center is blocked then people will have low self esteem and self confidence issues. They may even suffer from depression and have suicidal thoughts. These people need to build their self esteem from the ground up. They need to learn how to love themselves and believe in themselves.

This is usually achieved through positive affirmations, visualizations and other self development exercises.

Book Review:

The Fourth Energy Center: The Heart Center

This is the center of our emotions. If this energy center is blocked then it can lead to a person experiencing a lack of feelings.

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