Boxing Should Be Your Next Sport

Boxing is a sport. Boxing is a martial art. Boxing is a sport and it’s not just for guys anymore! You’re going to love boxing if you don’t already. I’m talking about the kind where you have to fight with your whole body, where you get punched in the face and knocked out, but then when you wake up again, all your energy has been drained from fighting another human being. That’s what boxing is like for me!

If you are looking for something fun and fast-paced, then boxing isn’t the right sport for you. If you want to train your mind and improve your reflexes, then boxing might be the best choice for you. But if you really want to learn how to box like a real professional fighter, then Boxing Is Your Next Sport is exactly what you need!

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I’m here to tell you that Boxing Is Your Next Sport is the most comprehensive resource on boxing available anywhere. With over 200 pages of content, I’ve broken down every aspect of boxing into easy-to-understand sections so you can start learning today!

The book includes:

A complete overview of boxing, including its history, rules and regulations.

An explanation of the different types of punches and kicks used in boxing.

Explanations of the different boxing techniques and strategies.

Tips on how to get into the sport of boxing.

Advice on how to stay safe when training or competing.

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A free preview of the book is also available so you can see for yourself that my information is correct and helpful!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn in Boxing Is Your Next Sport:

Basic Rules – The most important rules to remember for any match.

Getting Started – Tips on how to train and get started in the sport of boxing.

Dressing The Part – What you’ll need for equipment and clothing.

Improve Your Game – Learn how to improve your speed, strength and agility for boxing.

Protect Yourself – Know when to call it quits and how to protect yourself.

Nutrition For Boxing – How to eat to give you energy for a fight.

And Much More…

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering if this is really for you. Maybe you’ve tried some things in the past and they just didn’t work out. Or maybe you tried something else but it was just too expensive and you had to quit. If that’s the case, I don’t want you to keep wasting your time or money because Boxing Is Your Next Sport can help!

I’ve written this book for ANYONE over the age of 15. It doesn’t matter if you’re a gymnast, weight lifter or even a professional MMA fighter, you can still learn something new about the sweet science. In fact, professional fighters like Manny Pacquiao credit their success to the training methods in this book!

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“Forget everything you know about boxing and take it from me, the methods in this book are tried and true.” – Manny Pacquiao, 8-Time World Champion

With Boxing Is Your Next Sport you’ll learn how to:

Protect yourself from a concussion or other head injury.

Quickly get in shape without spending all day at the gym.

Become a more confident person.

Improve your hand-eye coordination.

And much more…

Imagine yourself in the ring. You’re facing off against a formidable opponent. The crowd is roaring as you go through your final preparations. Suddenly, it’s go time! You’ve successfully dodged a couple jabs and landed a solid hook to your opponent’s jaw.

You see them stumbling and before you know it, the match is over. And you’re the winner!

Now THAT is what Boxing Is All About!

Of course, there’s still some training to do before you get to that level but with the help of my book, you’ll be ready in no time!

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Boxing Is Your Next Sport will pave the way to a fitter, happier and more successful future so don’t waste another minute not having the boxing experience of a lifetime. Get started today and I promise you won’t be disappointed!


S. L. Karapetyan

P.S. Remember, this book is only $4.99! That’s the price of a cheap lunch so you might as well invest in a book that can help you achieve your fitness goals!

P.P.S. Every book sold helps fund the first annual Stalingrad Cup so your money is going towards a good cause as well!

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Getting In The Ring For The First Time

Chapter 2: Training Like A Professional

Chapter 3: Nutrition For Your Next Fight

Boxing Should Be Your Next Sport - GymFitWorkout

Chapter 4: Equipment & Gear

Chapter 5: Common Boxing Injuries & Prevention

Chapter 6: And When Things Get Serious…Heat Stroke!

Chapter 7: Other Ways To Stay Safe

Chapter 8: Wrapping It Up…

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BONUS: Chapter 9: Interval Training For Beginners

BONUS: Chapter 10: Before You Enter The Ring…

Thank you again for downloading this book, I hope you enjoy it!

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Bonus Chapter 1

Chapter 1.1: Getting In The Ring For The First Time

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need to have any sort of previous combat experience to enter the ring. Of course, it can be helpful and will serve as a solid foundation as you get started but you certainly don’t need it.

Most people who are new to the sport automatically assume that they need to have had some sort of martial arts training beforehand but that isn’t necessarily true. You see, many people believe that having this sort of experience will help them feel comfortable in the ring and make the switch from the dojo to the ring an easier one. While this can be true in some cases, it’s not always the case.

The truth is, if you’re new to boxing and you don’t have any sort of formal hand to hand combat training under your belt then you’ll be learning how to box from scratch anyway so there’s really no need to worry about making the switch from the dojo to the ring.

In fact, some people say that starting with no previous experience can even be an advantage!

For one thing, you’re not going to have any bad habits to break when it comes time to learn the proper techniques. Second of all, you won’t have to unlearn the bad ones that you already learned either.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be at a disadvantage when you first enter the ring it actually just evens out in the long run once you’re up to speed.

Granted, if you’ve had some sort of hand to hand combat training then you’ll have a leg up on the competition but if you’re like most people and don’t have any experience and are looking to get started in boxing then don’t worry about it.

All you need are the basics and you can learn those before you even enter the ring.

Still, there are some cases where a lack of formal hand to hand combat experience can be a bit of an issue. This is especially true if you’re more interested in getting into the professional ring instead of just the amateur ring.

Boxing Should Be Your Next Sport - Image

While the gap between the two isn’t nearly as big as it used to be and amateurs now have more of an opportunity to turn pro than they did in the past there’s still a considerable difference between the two.

In the professional ring, you’re going to be expected to know how to handle yourself in a fight. While knowing how to box is certainly a big factor, there’s more to it than that. To put it simply, if you don’t have some experience in actual hand to hand combat then you may find it more difficult to get into the “real” fight ring.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t be able to get into the ring at all. You just might have to take the long route and start out in the amateur ranks before you get enough recognition (and perhaps a little “favor”) to be able to make the jump.

Just like anything else however, it all starts with taking that first step and the first step is deciding what it is that you want to get out of the sport.

Do you see yourself becoming a world champion or is it something that you just want to do for fun?

Both are great reasons for getting into the sport but knowing this information ahead of time can help you make a better plan as to how you want to proceed with it.

Let’s say for example, that you want to turn pro and become a world champion. Well, it certainly can be done but if you’re just starting out then you have some work to do first before you can get there. Even if you manage to get into the “amateur” ring, you aren’t going to get very far without at least a few wins under your belt and that’s assuming nobody else manages to land a knockout punch on you.

First things first however, you need to actually learn how to box. Like I said, it really isn’t all that complicated and most of it comes naturally but you’re going to have to do a little reading on the subject first.

While there are plenty of books in the library (not to mention the internet) on the subject, they can be a little too technical at times and theories can be presented that may or may not actually be true.

Instead, I’m going to give you a simple step by step breakdown of what you need to do and what you need to learn in order to get into the ring and stay out of danger.

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The first thing you’re going to need to learn is how to block. Blocking is going to be your primary defense mechanism as it’s not always going to be possible to outmaneuver or evade your opponent’s attack.

When you’re in a boxing match, your opponent is most likely going to try and punch or grab you with either one or both hands. As such, it’s best if you know how to defend against such attacks.

There are three basic types of blocks you’re going to need to master. They are the “crown” (upper block), the “bridge” (lower block) and the parry. You can find diagrams and more in-depth information about each one in the books you’ll find in the library but until you actually have a trainer, just go off of what feels right.

Now, let’s say that you don’t want to turn pro or at least not right away. You just want to have fun and give the sport a try. If that’s the case, then you’re really going to need someone to help guide you through the basics of it all. As I’ve already said however, all of the professionals in the city get together at the Fighting Pit and from what you’ve seen, they’re picky about who they let in.

If you really want to join though, you’re going to have to prove that you’re up to snuff. That probably means that you’re going to have to learn enough to beat at least one of them first.

And really, why not start with the one that’s going to be the easiest to beat?

That’s right, it’s spike.

Whether it’s because he’s older, shorter or just not as fast as he once was, spike isn’t exactly the toughest guy around. Granted, he’s still got a lot more fighting skill than you do right now but that doesn’t matter. All you need to do is take advantage of his size and get in some good shots.

So, go over to the Fighting Pit sometime when he’s there lurking about and make sure he knows your name. This will be important in keeping tabs on your progress (or lack thereof) later on. Once you’ve established yourself, go ahead and challenge him. He may not be easy but then again…he’s also not that hard.

After you’ve managed to deck spike in at least one good shot (maybe a few) then and only then should you consider your entrance into the world of fighting officially made.

From there, it’s up to you whether or not you want to keep going or quit while you’re ahead. Just remember spike isn’t going to just disappear and you’ll have to deal with him eventually.

Good luck!

Boxing Should Be Your Next Sport - GYM FIT WORKOUT

So, what do you think?”

You look up from the book to see Vera standing by your desk with her hands on her hips. You hadn’t even noticed her enter your room.

About what?”

You ask.

“The books dummy.”

“Oh. Uh, they look okay I guess. I mean they don’t look like something a kid would read but not like something an adult would read either so…”

Vera shakes her head.

“Not everyone is a cerebral bookworm like you apparently.”

“Obviously.” You remark.

Vera sits down on your bed and looks over at the books.

Boxing Should Be Your Next Sport - at GYMFITWORKOUT

So you really think these are the books you’re going to read?”

She asks.

“I dunno. I mean the choices are a little underwhelming to be honest. I was kind of hoping there would be something…I don’t know…more interesting.” You admit.

More interesting? What the hell are you into that you can even think of anything more interesting than what those books there?”

“Well nothing actually but…I dunno…

I mean are these really the only books that the library has?

I figured there would at least be some old fantasy books here and maybe even some science fiction.”

“You must not know this place very well then if you thought that. This place may have a lot of books but unless its something that can help people pass tests then no one really cares.”

“Well that’s stupid.

Who says what’s important and what’s not?”

“Look, I didn’t make the rules. I just know that if my parents wanted me to read something that would help me in life then I did it. I mean when I was a little girl they made me read children’s books and learn about math and science and all of that stuff. Heck, I still remember learning my colors with Mr. Tickalora. Now that was a book worth reading.” Vera says reminiscing.


Tickalora? Is he the one that had the big nose?”

You ask making an indication of a big nose with your hands.

“Ha ha. No he was just a yellow square and he taught all the colors. Of course he had a big nose though.” Vera laughs.

So wait, are you saying that children’s books are allowed here?”

Vera nods enthusiastically.

“Oh yeah! In fact I believe there’s a whole section for children’s books over in the far left corner.” She says pointing in said direction.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone read from over there.”

Boxing Should Be Your Next Sport - from our website

“Well of course not! It’s meant for kids!

Are you saying that even back in your time, children’s books weren’t reserved for only children?”

“I suppose not. I do remember reading a few of those types of books when I was little.”

“Well there you go.

You wanted more of them but guess what?

YOU’RE NOT A KID ANYMORE! You want to read Little Bunny Frou Frou when you can read a real book like the one about the guy who killed all those lions! Sides, you don’t need to be a kid to learn about colors.”

“I guess your right. I just kind of wondered if someone had wrote something down about my world. Then again, I suppose if they did, the library would have been flooded with people seeking answers instead of just me.”

Vera gets off the bed and goes over to you.

What are you doing?”

Well considering you’re no longer interested in what’s in the bookshelf, can I read these instead?”

Vera asks.

“Oh, uh sure. Help yourself.” You say a bit flustered.

Vera takes out a book and sits back down on your bed to read. You then realize you have the whole day free since Kenneth isn’t around to give you any lessons.

“Hey, I’m going to go out for a bit. I probably won’t be back until late so if I’m not here, don’t wait up for me.”

Boxing Should Be Your Next Sport - | Gym Fit Workout

“Hm, well suit yourself but if you get killed out there then don’t blame me.” Vera says while skimming through the book.

You grab some of your savings and store it in one of your hidden pockets within your robe. With the rest of the money, you figure you’ll head to the Puffin Inn and maybe gamble a bit. You exit the room and close the door behind you.

Since it’s still early in the day there aren’t many people lingering around. A few drunkards are sitting at a table across from you while a couple others walk in and out of the tavern. The sun shines brightly overhead and the cool breeze coming from the ocean provides adequate comfort.

You don’t really have a specific plan of action so you decide to head to the black market area. While you’re heading there, you notice a small crowd of people surrounding something on the ground. You push your way to the front and see a disheveled man lying on his back with a bloody nose.

A man standing next to him shouts at him to wake up while kicking him in the side. Since you don’t see anyone else around, you can only assume that these two are likely family.

What’s going on?”

You ask the man.

“This son of a (verbal abuse) decided to try and cheat me while we were gambling. Now I’m trying to wake him up so I can teach him not to (more verbal abuse) with me again.” The man says as he continues to try and wake the other man up by the scruff of his neck.

You look over at the person on the ground and recognize him as one of the guys you saw earlier in the tavern. He’s probably drunk and passed out, and now he’s going to pay for it.

Why don’t you just leave the guy alone?

He obviously didn’t know what he was doing, seems pretty repentant to me.” You say.

Boxing Should Be Your Next Sport - GYM FIT WORKOUT

And what would a (derogatory term for peasant) like you know about it?

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