Brooke Thomas

She was born in 1987 and she is 5 feet 7 inches tall. She weighs 115 pounds. She has brown hair and blue eyes. Her favorite color is green. She likes to wear red lipstick. Brooke Thomas has been married twice before. Her first marriage lasted from 2002 until 2012. After her second marriage ended in divorce, she started dating a man named Jason Alexander since 2014. They have one child together called Jack Alexander.

Brooke Thomas left Tytos Island with her husband Jason Alexander on September 4th, 2016 after their third wedding anniversary. It was considered to be a very private event. Originally she wanted to leave permanently, but decided to go on vacation instead with her husband. For one year she stayed in the city of Arat where she got involved in local events and organizations. She criticized several aspects of city life there such as the high rate of homelessness and the problems with crime.

She then moved to the city of Jazon where she became a crafting designer. She was involved in creating several accessory lines for a company called Redefine Accessories. One of her most famous pieces is known as the “Spike of Power” which is made from leather and studs. She is currently living in Jazon with her husband and one year old son Jack. Her older daughter from another marriage recently graduated high school. It is unknown at this time if she will return to Tytos Island in the future.

Brooke thomas is a popular figure on Tytos Island because of her involvement in various causes and events that support local charities. She often engages with other people on social media, such as sending birthday wishes to fans and engaging in intellectual debates about current issues. She is known for having a very positive outlook on life. She has said that she does not pay attention to gossip or rumors, and that she believes in the potential of every human being. She is an avid surfer and she participates in several local fundraisers for different organizations.

She has written three books on inspirational topics. Her position on Tytos Island is a bit unclear at the moment due to her decision to leave. There are some people who believe that her work with the island was not substantial enough to be considered a true resident. There are others who think that no one should judge her since everyone has the right to leave if they want to.

Her relationship with her parents is fine. Her father Tom owns the farm where she grew up and her mother Kayla manages a pizza place in the city of Samsberg. A lot of people think that she made the right decision by leaving Tytos Island because there are many people here who do not agree with the way she expresses herself through writing and speaking. She has been criticized for her involvement with a company that manufactures weaponized women’s accessories. Others have called her “insincere” and “inauthentic” in her charitable work.

They say that she only does it for self-promotion because she wants to become rich and famous.

In conclusion, this source is an example of _________ because it _________.

She can’t wait to get home.

The first thing that she notices is the silence. The soft wind blows gently and the leaves on the trees rustle softly. The birds are quiet, as if huddled together in anticipation of something bad to come. A gentle breeze ruffles her hair, bringing with it a faint smell of smoke and decay. Her home is dark and lifeless, like a dead body ready for burial.

The shutters are all closed and the door is locked. She sighs, searching through her bag for her keys and stepping over a large dead spider in the process. She unlocks the door and finds herself face to face with her dog, Bolt. He is a big white fluffy dog with brown spots on his ears. His eyes are brimming with curiosity and excitement, and he immediately licks her face when he sees her. He jumps up and down excitedly when he sees that she has come home.

“Hey Bolt.” She says, as the dog licks her face. She picks him up and scratches him behind his ears. She’s immensely glad to see him. Over the past year, she’s had to stay in hotels and visit her family more often than she’d like because of work.

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Every time she leaves Bolt here alone, she worries that something might happen to him. Thankfully he’s always here to welcome her home. She puts him back on the ground and looks around, noticing that nothing is out of place. That’s a good sign. She’s about to call it a night when she notices something blinking red from underneath the fridge. She walks over and sees her name written on a post-it note. “Call Mom.” is all it says.

She wonders why her mother would leave her a note in such a cryptic manner. She must have been here when she came home. She picks up her phone and calls her mom, wondering if she might know why she was called.

The phone only rings once before her mother picks up, “Hey Camille, I got your message, what’s up?”

I just got home and saw a note in my house saying to call you, why did you leave me a note in such a weird way? Did you forget that I have a key to my own house and could have walked in at any time?”

“I wanted to leave you a note, but I didn’t have your number so I had to come there to give it to you in person. I thought about putting the note somewhere obvious like on the table, but someone else might have seen it so I decided to leave it somewhere less obvious. I left it under the fridge because no one checks there, it’s usually safe.

Did you check there?”

“Yeah, that’s where I found it.”

“Oh, sorry about that then.

At least you got my message now though, let’s talk more about it when we see each other at dinner tomorrow, okay?

I love you.”

“I love you too. Bye mom.

She hangs up the phone. She’s had this cell phone for a year now, but it still surprises her how easy it is to communicate with people across the country using these things. As she thinks about what time she should wake up tomorrow, she realizes that she has no idea at what time she’s supposed to be at her mom’s house. The fact that she’s getting a call from her tomorrow lets her know that it must be fairly early though.

Since she’s gotten up at 5 AM every day this week for work, she’ll probably want to do the same tomorrow, so she sets her alarm clock for that time and goes to bed. Her big day of meeting her mom’s family is tomorrow. She’s a little anxious about it, but the main thing that she’s feeling right now is excitement.

She closes her eyes and soon drifts off to sleep, dreaming of sugar plums dancing in her head.

Over the course of the next few weeks, she gets to know her extended family quite well. During the days when she’s not working, she stays with her mom’s sister, Sofia. She has two children, a son named Henry and a younger daughter named Violet. Both of them are under ten years old, which means they’re still young enough to bexe curious about who this new aunt is.

As it turns out, Camille is an excellent babysitter. She never thought she’d have a chance to do this considering how young she was when her own siblings were that age, but she really enjoys it. Henry and Violet are pretty lucky kids, they get to spend time with their mom during the day and get to have fun with Camille whenever their mom has to go do errands or something. She’s almost like a second parent to them, and she loves being able to make such a difference in their lives.

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Her mom’s family in general are very nice people. They’re welcoming to her and seem to enjoy having her around. After babysitting, she likes to go hang out with her mom and whoever else is around during the time she’s there. Her favorite person there is Sofia’s boyfriend, Jake, who has been nothing but nice to her since the moment they met.

The one member of her mom’s family that she tries to avoid is her uncle Antwon. He’s spending a lot of time in jail, but even when he’s out, he’s not very pleasant. Every time she’s spoken to him for more than a few seconds, his discussion always degenerates to him complaining about something and then finishing it with a racist remark about how he doesn’t like immigrants. Thankfully, he lives in Sofia’s house and she tries to stay as far away from him as possible.

One thing that Camille doesn’t like is that Sofia smokes a lot of pot. It isn’t as bad as it could be since at least she’s not around when Sofia is smoking it. Still, the fact that her aunt does this at all makes her a little worried. She knows that if her mom knew about this, she wouldn’t approve.

Still, these are minor issues and her time here has been great for the most part. She’s gotten closer with her cousin and niece and has gotten to know her mom’s side of the family a bit better.

There is something that she hasn’t told them, though. About once every two weeks or so, she sneaks out of the house Sofia shares with her boyfriend to go meet with Tanya. She looks forward to these meetings a lot mainly because it’s one of the few times she gets to talk to someone her own age and doesn’t have to worry about anyone else overhearing.

Most of the time they talk about school since Camille keeps up with how she’s doing in her classes. Tanya is glad that Camille is there since the other girls can be kind of mean to her sometimes. Camille is always sympathetic whenever Tanya tells her about some incident.

Tanya doesn’t tell her cousin this, but every time she talks to Camille, it’s like she’s talking to a brighter version of herself. A version that didn’t let circumstances dictate who she would be. Someone who made their own luck through hard work and dedication. She knows it’s silly to idolize someone like that, but she can’t help it.

It’s a Friday night and Camille is in her room. She’s supposed to be finishing up some homework, but she’s been looking forward to this meeting all week so instead she’s sitting by the window, watching the street below.

About twenty minutes later, Camille finally sees Tanya walking out of her house and jogs down the stairs to let her in.

Tanya smiles when she sees Camille open the door. “Hey, Cammy.”

“Hey, Tanya,” Camille responds with a smile of her own.

The two of them hug and then go sit on the couch to talk. Mostly about school and other things that thirteen-year-old girls talk about. Tanya goes on about some drama that happened with another girl in her class and how she stood up to her. Camille nods and gives her advice.

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As they’re getting ready to part ways, Camille decides to ask a question that’s been on her mind for a while now. “I know you don’t like to talk about it, but I kind of want to know what it’s like where you live now. Your mom…” Camille doesn’t really know how to describe what she knows about Tanya’s home situation.

Your mom is still there, right?”

“Yeah…” Tanya responds quietly. “She’s still there.”

Camille nods and then mentions the house. “And your house… It’s not really nice.” She doesn’t know how to describe it, but it’s unlike any house she’s ever seen before.

The closest thing she can think of is a dilapidated barn.

“It’s… It’s fine,” Tanya says, looking away a bit. “I mean, it’s not great or anything, but it works for us. Besides, I don’t spend that much time there anyway.”

Camille doesn’t really want to push the issue since she knows that’s why Tanya doesn’t like to talk about her home so she changes the subject.

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