Build Athleticism and a Superhero Body With Rest Pause Training

Building muscle with rest-pause training

The most common question I get asked is “How do you build muscle without weightlifting?”

Well, it’s actually pretty simple. You don’t. But if you want to make progress in your fitness goals, then you need to start doing some form of resistance training. And while there are many different types of exercises that can be used for building mass or improving strength, one type stands out above all others: the rest-pause workout!

Rest-Pause Workout: A Powerful Strength Training Method For Building Muscle And Improving Your Fitness Goals

In my experience, rest-pause training is the best way to train for strength and size. While other forms of resistance training may provide benefits such as increased muscular endurance or improved recovery time between workouts, they’re not nearly as effective at building muscle. Rest-pushing means resting before pushing again (or pushing) after completing a set of exercise.

This allows your muscles to recover from the stress of lifting weights and builds strength over time.

While there are many different ways to perform rest-pushes, here’s how I like to do them:

I use a dumbbell or kettlebell with me when performing rest-pushes. If you have access to a barbell, then go for it! Just remember that you’ll still need to warm up properly beforehand so keep that in mind too.

Barbell Bench Press

I’m going to use the barbell bench press as an example, since I know it’s something many of you can relate to. If you’re new to rest-pushing, then I suggest starting with a weight that is comfortable for you.

How To Do Rest-Pressing:

Choose a weight you can lift at least 6-8 times. This is about your max. Now do 1 rep.

This is your first “set.” Rest for 15-30 seconds. Do a second rep. Rest 15-30 seconds. Do a third rep. By this point, you should feel pretty fatigued. If you’re able to do more than 3 reps, you chose the wrong weight. If you can’t do 3 reps by the second set, then you need to add more weight (5-10 pounds).

Dumbbell Chest Press

Build Athleticism and a Superhero Body With Rest Pause Training - GYM FIT WORKOUT

How To Do Rest-Pushing:

Choose a weight that is comfortable for you. Try to pick something you can lift about 6-8 times. This is your working weight.

For this example, let’s use 50 pounds. We’re going to do 10 sets of 2 reps. Each set will have a specific rest time between it and the next set.

Rest time is incredibly important when rest-pushing. If you don’t rest long enough, your muscles won’t have a chance to fully recover and you won’t get as strong. However, if you rest too long, then your muscles will begin to fatigue and you won’t be strong enough on your second set to reach the same weight as the first.

First “wave” of rest-pushing: 60 seconds

Second “wave” of rest-pushing: 90 seconds

Third “wave” of rest-pushing: 120 seconds

Last “wave” of rest-pushing: no rest between reps or sets (you’re finished when all 10 sets are completed)

Beginners may want to start by resting only 60 seconds between their first and second waves, then increase from there. While the above explanation may sound complicated, it really isn’t too bad. All you’re really doing is progressively resting more and more between reps as your muscles get more fatigued.

Rest-pushing is just one of many effective training methods for natural lifters. Try this out for yourself and see how quickly your strength increases!

3rd Place – bigcalves

The best way to increase your Bench Press is by increasing your Bench Press! But, of course, this doesn’t mean that you should just keep on benching and hope for the best. There are many techniques that can allow you to bench more, these are the best ways in my opinion.

Build Athleticism and a Superhero Body With Rest Pause Training - GymFitWorkout

This tip is probably one of the most important ones when it comes to increasing your bench press. Get a spotter. This may not necessarily mean having someone actually spot you while you bench, although that can be useful too.

What I mean is to have a specific bench routine. Every Monday, you do “A” bench, Wednesday you do “B” bench, and Fridays you do “C” bench. This allows your muscles to adapt specifically to that routine and when game time comes around, you’ll be able to max out.

It is also important to try and use different forms of rows. Using different types of grips can all help your bench. For example, using a close grip, thumbs up row can help your bench because it targets your upper back muscles (which are used in the bench).

Also, using an underhand wide grip row can help strengthen your arms and shoulders.

The next way to increase your bench is by starting a basic strength routine. This can be anything from Starting Strength to Smolov Jr. These programs are designed to have you put on strength quickly.

After all, no one ever said that they want to bench more and not be able to pick up their couch.

The way these programs work is by gradually increasing the weight each week. First you’ll find a weight that you think you can lift 5 times. Then, you’ll lift that weight for 5 reps.

After that, you’ll increase the weight. This is because, as you reach your limit, your body gets used to it and can push even farther next time. Be careful when you’re doing these routines though, they’re not for the weak.

Another way to increase your bench is to do pin presses. These are done by taking a bench and nailing a 2×4 onto it. Then placing weights on the board.

When you do your presses the weights will stay on the board, allowing you to push more. These are useful when you’re being lazy and don’t feel like moving the actual bar.

The last way to increase your bench press is to have a spotter. This ensures safety in case you can’t lift the weight. This allows you to try your absolute hardest and get more reps, which allows you to increase your bench more.

I think that these tips will allow anyone to increase their bench by at least 5 pounds each week. If you have any questions then feel free to ask them in the discussions below! Best of luck with your training.

Build Athleticism and a Superhero Body With Rest Pause Training - gym fit workout

2nd Place – bigcalves

Sitting down on a flat bench and lifting the weight off its hooks as it comes down to your chest is what we call “The Bench Press”. This is one of the best measures of upper body strength along with the ability to build mass and tone.

The bench press, when done properly can be very dangerous to your joints if done with bad form. This is why it is very important to have a spotter and to have correct lifting posture.

Here are some tips to help you perform the bench correctly.

Form and Technique

The way you hold the bar when you’re about to bench is one of the most important things. Here’s how I personally do it:

I lie down on the bench with my eyes directly under the bar.

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