Build Shoulder Strength to Avoid Injury

Build Shoulder Strength to Avoid Injury: A Guide for Gym Rats and Bodybuilders

The following is a guide for gym rats and bodybuilders. If you are not one of them, then please don’t read it!

If you want to build muscle mass, strength and endurance without getting injured, then your best bet is to do the following things:

1) Do some heavy compound lifts (squat, bench press, deadlift).

These will give you a great pump and make you feel like a superhero.

2) Eat plenty of protein and complex carbs (whole wheat bread, oatmeal, brown rice or quinoa).

You need all the nutrients your muscles require to grow. Protein helps build new muscle cells while complex carbohydrates provide energy for those cells. Complex carbs are what makes up most of our blood sugar levels. They’re what keep us alive.

3) Don’t go overboard with cardio.

Too much cardio can cause you to lose lean tissue and increase fat storage. Instead, try to get in a few hours of moderate intensity activity such as walking around the block or even jogging a little bit every day.

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4) Take care of your joints regularly.

Stretching your hamstrings daily will allow them to better absorb the impact when you squat down. I also recommend foam rolling or some light stretching before and after the gym.

5) Don’t lift weights for more than an hour.

Your body starts producing cortisol, which is a stress hormone that breaks down muscle tissue and stops you from building it. It’s also bad for your health in general.

These are just general guidelines to help you build strength and muscle mass without getting hurt.

In my next post I will go into detail about common injuries and how you can avoid them.

This was a guest post by expert Larry Scott, who has dedicated his life to teach people how to lift weights without getting hurt. If you want more information on how to build muscles without getting hurt, please check out his website at (link deleted).

Good luck on your muscle building journey!

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