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Build Size: A Guide To Building Muscle And Fat With The Raw Strength Training Program

The following guide will show you how to build muscle and fat with the raw strength training program. You can use it to get bigger, stronger, and leaner at the same time!

You may have heard about the raw powerlifting method (RPT) before. If not, here’s what you need to know…

What Is The Raw Powerlifting Method?

It’s a way of training that involves lifting heavy weights without any assistance exercises or special equipment. Instead, you train using only your own body weight and the barbell. The goal is to lift as much weight as possible while minimizing rest periods between sets. You’ll also do some form of accessory work after each set if you want to add variety to your workouts.

Why Should I Use It?

If you’re looking to bulk up, then the RPT might be right for you. You’ll probably see results very quickly because the weight used isn’t going to be light enough to cause injury. However, if you’re trying to lose fat and/or build muscle, then it’s not really appropriate for you. For one thing, there are plenty of other ways of losing fat and building muscle that don’t involve lifting heavy weights all day long.

The RPT is also most effective for experienced lifters who know their bodies very well. If you’re a complete beginner, the RPT probably isn’t going to be the most suitable for you. Instead, it’s better to try a more traditional approach to lifting weights and go from there.

The RPT will allow you to train for maximum strength endurance without tiring yourself out too much so that you can’t do your regular workouts. That’s the main purpose of this because the more you train, the better you’ll get at lifting.

That being said, it’s not necessary to use this method if you’re an experienced lifter who already knows what they’re doing in the gym and has a good idea of how to put together a routine that works for them. If that’s the case then by all means, feel free to skip this!

Who Is This Method For?

The raw powerlifting program is perfect for older lifters who have been lifting for years and are ready to see how strong they really are. It’s also a great choice for experienced lifters who want to start pushing the limits of their personal records.

If you’ve been lifting for years and are a little bored with your current routine, then this might be exactly what you need to get out of that rut. It’s also great for lifters who have hit a plateau and are looking for a way to break through it.

If you’re new to lifting and have no idea what you’re doing in the gym, then this probably isn’t the best choice for you. Instead, you’ll want to go with something a little more traditional until you know exactly what you’re doing in the gym.

Build Size. Build Mass. Stay Functional - gym fit workout

You’ll also want to make sure you have the proper equipment before starting this routine. You’re obviously going to need a barbell and enough weight plates for it. You can either go with a straight bar or a EZ curl bar, it doesn’t really matter.

For a bench, any type of flat or incline bench will do. Just make sure it has a solid base that can support the amount of weight you plan on placing on it.

For dumbbells, you can start out with a set of hexagonal shaped dumbbells ranging from 5lbs to 100lbs. You’re also going to need a stepstool for some of the exercises.

If you prefer to use machines over free weights, then any machine that allows you to safely lift your legs will suffice. I, however, do not recommend this for several reasons that I’ll outline in the next section.

As for cardio equipment, anything from a treadmill to a stationary bike will suffice. This is up to you on what you want to use.


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