Bulletproof Your Knees and Shoulders

Bulletproof Your Knees and Shoulders: How To Build Muscle And Lose Fat Naturally

The most common question I get asked when it comes to building muscle is “How do I build muscle without steroids?”

Well, here’s how…

You need to understand that there are two types of muscles – Type 1 (slow twitch) and Type 2 (fast twitch). Slow twitch muscles burn less energy than fast ones, so they’re better at burning fat.

However, if you train them too much or hard, they’ll become overtrained and will start to breakdown. This means that their ability to store fat will decrease. If you want to lose weight naturally, then you have to train these muscles only occasionally.

Type 1 muscle fibers are found mainly in the arms and legs. They contain many mitochondria which generate ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the body’s main source of energy.

These type 1 muscle fibers are very good at burning fat because they don’t break down glucose as quickly as other types of muscle fibers.

Type 2 muscle fibers are found mostly in the chest, back and biceps. They contain fewer mitochondria than Type 1 muscles, but they can produce a higher amount of ATP (adenosine diphosphate).

Because these type 2 muscles have a high oxidative capacity, they burn up to 20% more calories per pound than slow twitch muscle cells.

If you want to learn how to burn fat with exercise, then you’ll need to focus on building more type 2 muscle fibers. This is good news for people who are trying to lose weight because they’ll be able to build muscle without adding too much size.

Here’s how to do it…

1. Do Weight Training Intervals

Building muscle doesn’t mean adding size – it means adding more fibrous tissue and mitochondria to your muscles.

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