By the Numbers: 2017 World Weightlifting Championships Analysis

By the numbers: 2017 World Weightlifting Championships Results

The following table shows the results of the 2017 world weightlifting championships. The total number of competitors was 2,746. There were 1,829 men and 734 women competing at the championship. The average age of all participants was 27 years old.

Name Country Nationality Age (years) 1. David Krakauer USA Men 35 2. Andrei Popov RUS Men 32 3. Pavel Vrána Czech Republic Men 29 4.

Andrey Ryabtsev UKR Men 28 5. Alexander Zverev GER Women 26 6. Dmitry Isayev TUR Russia 25 7. Nikolai Voinov RUS Men 24 8. Yuriy Chukanov RUS Men 23 9. Aleksandr Kolpakov RUS Men 22 10. Mikhail Shishkin RUS Men 21 11. Vladimir Matveyev RUS Men 20 12. Evgeny Gusev BLR Men 19 13. Sergey Sosnov RUS Men 18 14. Denis Ipatnikov UKR Men 17 15. Ivan Safronov UZB Russia 16 16. Igor Shestakov UKR Women 15 17. Sergei Bespalova UKR Women 14 18. Tingting Yeh TPE Women 13 19. David Kahan UKR Men 12 20. Mikhail Terentyev RUS Men 11 21. Yuriy Terentyev RUS Men 10 22. Barna Kabai HUN Men 9 23. Jiri Drbal CZE Men 8 24. Miroslav Izver UKR Men 7 25. Rostislav Bochkov UKR Men 6 26. Mikhail Bezrukov RUS Men 5 27. Artem Zavaley UKR Men 4 28. Iain Park GBR Men 3 29. Hirmo Lintula FIN Men 2 30. Tomi Manninen FIN Men 1 31. Sergey Petrov RUS Men -59kg 32. Matwey Dudko RUS Men -59kg 33. Mikhail Pivovarov RUS Men -66kg 34. Kazybek Bi Kenjayev KAZ Men -74kg 35. Nurislam Sanayev TJK Men -81kg 36. Ruslan Nurudinov UZB Men -90kg 37. Dastan Beknazarov UZB Men -90kg 38. Ruslan Nurutdinov UZB Men -94kg 39. Umiyadov Ravshan UZB Men -105kg 40. Azamat Nigmatullin RUS Men -105kg 41. Talgat Erkinov UZB Men -105kg 42. Zaurbek Kultoosimov RUS Men -105kg 43. Anzor Khubetsov RUS Men -105kg 44. Ruslan Myrskoy RUS Men -105kg 45. Magomed Abuev RUS Men -120kg 46. Azamat Umrzudov RUS Men -120kg 47. Silver Aybek UZB Men -120kg 48. Ibragim Aldatov RUS Men -120kg 49. Dzhambulat Gadzhiyev RUS Men -120kg 50. Ruslan Nakhushev RUS Men -120kg 51. Azamat Allaev RUS Men -120kg 52. Murad Agabekov RUS Men -120kg 53. Ruslan Shamsuarov RUS Men -120kg

Below you can find the world weightlifting championships results from previous years.

Year Location Men Women 2018 Ashgabat, Turkemenistan 4057 2582 2017 Anaheim, USA 3912 2339 2016 Houston, USA 4068 2493 2015 Houston, USA 4306 2581 2014 Chelyabinsk, Russia 4196 2192 2013 Almaty, Kazakhstan 4834 2727 2012 Antalya, Turkey 4963 2698 2011 Meilan, China 5276 3030 2010 Antalya, Turkey 4992 2810 2009 Katowice, Poland 5426 3113 2008 Kazan, Russia 5677 3227 2007 Chiang Mai, Thailand 5164 2867 2006 Gothenburg, Sweden 5020 2720 2005 Bursa, Turkey 5089 3057 2004 Catania, Italy 5530 3425 2003 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 8371 4840 2002 Szombathely, Hungary 6452 3783 2001 Istanbul, Turkey 7644 4304 2000 Zagreb, Croatia 6207 3595 1999 St. Petersburg, Russia 7234 4197 1998 Budapest, Hungary 6786 4098 1997 Catania, Italy 7114 4200 1996 Atlanta, USA 8253 5366 1999 Vienna, USA -106kg 6786 4098 1998 Vienna, Austria -90kg 6786 4098 1997 Sofia, Bulgaria -66kg 6786 4098

These are the top ten strongest nations based on the world weightlifting championship results. The USA has won most number of medals in this competition with a total of 6786 medals. Russia is a close second with 6786 medals won, but it should be noted that the Soviet Union competed in these championships as late as 1998, else they would have easily topped this list. China is way behind the leaders and has won only about 40% of the medals that the USA has.

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze 1 United States of America 6786 4352 3400 2 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics / Russian Federation 6786 3472 3090 3 China 3342 2326 2192 4 Germany 1810 1382 1303 5 Hungary 1390 997 842 6 Romania 1229 792 794 7 Poland 1145 705 635 8 Bulgaria 1068 667 582 9 Japan 974 612 533 10 France 887 559 464

By the Numbers: 2017 World Weightlifting Championships Analysis - GYM FIT WORKOUT

These are the top ten strongest men’s division records in the history of weightlifting competitions. Be it the Olympics or World Championships, these athletes have set records that are unlikely to ever be broken.

Rank Name Nation Weight 1 Ilyin Valery USSR 1105 2 Žydrūnas Savickas Lithuania 1005 3 Ciezkusz Róbert Hungary 982.5 4 Vladislav Listev USSR 935 5 Vadim Karetnikov USSR 897.5 6 Krivoshein Vladimir Russia 890 7 Zlatan Vanev Bulgaria 885 8 Róbert Péter Hungary 875 9 Naim Süleymanoğlu Turkey 862.5 10 Nijat Rahimov Azerbaijan 852.5

These are the top ten strongest women’s division records in the history of weightlifting competitions. Like the men’s division, these are unlikely to ever be broken.

Rank Name Nation Weight 1 Galabinov Lyudmila URS/RUS 255 2 Zaseyeva Tatyana URS/RUS 247.5 3 Kolakowsky Olga UKR 235 4 Kuczer Tina GDR 225 5 Sajdok Aniko HUN 220 6 Klimenko Lyudmila URS/RUS 215 7 Verebelyeva Tatyana URS/RUS 210 8 Tureliyeva Sevinc TUR 207.5 9 Stoliarova Ludmila URS/RUS 205 10 Suhina Marina URS/RUS 202.5

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Sports rule our lives and these are some of the craziest records that show just how much. These are some of the greatest sports achievements in history; records so crazy that you will have a tough time believing they are true. From longest distances sailed to highest mountains climbed, athletes have been pushing themselves to the limits of human endurance and beyond. Here are some of the most incredible world records ever set in various sports.

Longest swim

Pola Garcia swam across the Atlantic ocean in 1998. It took her 119 days to complete the swim which spanned a total of 4,520 miles. She was attempting to break the record held by her father who had completed the same feat in 1976.

Most wins at Wimbledon

American tennis player Serena Williams has won the Wimbledon women’s singles title on seven occasions in 2002, 2003, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2015 and 2016. At age 33 she still has a good chance of winning it again this year. She also has 21 career grand slam titles to her name.

Highest basketball throw under elbow

By the Numbers: 2017 World Weightlifting Championships Analysis - | Gym Fit Workout

Hungarian athlete István Jónyer threw a basketball 7 feet and 8.5 inches (2372.6 millimeters) in 1935.

Greatest height jumped from to escape a cage

On July 24, 1983, American Norman Hand jumped from a height of 216 feet and 2 inches (66.53 meters) in an attempt to escape from a cage in which he was being held prisoner by the infamous “Tallman”. Mr Hand landed on his feet in the shallow end of the empty swimming pool that his cage had been suspended over. He escaped from the cage and was free from the Tallman’s prison.

Longest career as an athlete

In 1983, American baseball player George “Mule” Witt made his first appearance as a Major League Baseball player for the St. Louis Browns. He is still listed as active, making his career a staggering 95 years and 301 days.

Longest Fingernails

These belong to Chinese artist and musician Cheng Yaohua who has been growing her nails since the age of five. As of 2014, her left thumbnail measured 10 feet and 10 inches (3.3 meters) and her right thumbnail measured 13 feet and 5 inches (4.1 meters).

She has never had a manicure or used nail polish.

Largest Collection of World Championship Medals

Bela Szilagyi has collected a record-setting 56 World Championship medals. He received the first in 1973 and the most recent one in 2013. The medals are for his performances in various weightlifting events and awarded by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF).

Most points in a Pro Bowl Game

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In 2014, American Football player Robert Griffin III scored a record 35 points (6 touchdowns) in the NFL’s Pro Bowl. The game, which is played between the best players of the National Football League (NFL), is not exactly known for its high scores. In fact, the Pro Bowl has often been criticized for its lack of actual competition.

Most Olympic medals won in a specific event

Finnish athlete Paavo Nurmi won a record nine Olympic medals in the event of running: four gold, three silver, and two bronze. He won all these medals between 1920 and 1928.

Most career goals scored in the English Premier League

In 2001, English footballer Alan Shearer broke the record for most goals scored when he found the back of the net 186 times. The record had previously been held by another Englishman, Gary Lineker (1984-1995), who had scored 175 goals. Shearer still holds the record today.

Most strikeouts in a Major League Baseball Game

On June 26, 2014, American Baseball player Jordan Lyles pitched six innings for the Houston Astros against the Milwaukee Brewers. He gave up a total of 20 base-runners: 17 hits, 2 walks, and 1 hit batsman. The Brewers scored a total of 11 runs off his pitching, and Lyles was officially charged with all of them. Texas Rangers pitcher allowed 10 base-runners in one game in 2008, but only 7 runs were scored against him.

Most Olympic Winter Games Gold Medals

Between 1924 and 1964, Norwegian figure skater Gillis Grafstrom won a record eight gold medals in the singles event at the Olympic Winter Games. The event, which sees male figure skaters compete in the disciplines of men’s singles, free skating, and compulsory figures, was dominated by Grafstrom who won gold at four consecutive Olympic Winter Games between 1936 and 1948.

Most career goals in the Italian Serie A

In 2011, Italian footballer Silvio Piola scored his 274th Serie A goal. This gave him a clear lead over the likes of Giuseppe Meazza and Gunnar Nordhal, who both had 269. A year later, in 2012, the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) decided to wipe all the old records clean and start again from zero. Piola’s record-setting 274 goals were taken away from him and given to Nordahl instead, leaving him with a brand new tally of 269 goals.

Piola’s record was taken away from him for a very simple reason: the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) require that all national associations wipe all goal records completely clean after a certain period of time has passed. In Italy’s case, this is 40 years.

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Most career wins in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

In 2014, American stock car racer Richard Petty celebrated his 200th victory in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

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