“Can You Go?” Dan John’s New Program Design Resource for Athletes

Dan John is one of the most successful strength coaches in the world. His name was born from his success with Olympic weightlifters. Dan John has been training athletes since 1985 when he started working out with Mike Burgener at his gym in Los Angeles. Since then, he’s trained some of the best lifters in the world including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mark Twight, Rich Piana and many others. Dan John has developed several programs for both bodybuilding and powerlifting. He has also created a few new ones such as the Dan John 5/3/1 program which is used by many top level professional athletes including NFL players like Michael Bennett, Antonio Cromartie, Chris Long and others. Dan John has also developed various other programs such as the Dan John 3 day split routine, the Dan John 6 day split routine and the Dan John 8 week cycle program. Dan John has published two books: The Strength of Habit (2008) and Stronger than the Rest (2012).

Dan John is also known for being a motivational speaker. He has given over 1000 talks around the world.

Some of these talks are available online for free. Others have cost him millions of dollars in book deals. Dan John has spoken at many different events such as TEDx, conferences, trade shows, etc.. He is also known as a comedian and often tells funny stories during his speeches.

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The decade review – this book is all about dan john’s experiences from 2010-present day. In this book, he talks about some of the most interesting things that have happened to him in the last ten years.

Gorilla mind – the book teaches readers about the mindset of a successful person like yourself.

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