Can You Train Mental Toughness

Can You Train Mental Toughness?

In the world today there are many different types of people. Some are hard working, some lazy, some ambitious and others just plain stupid. There are also many different kinds of jobs and careers. People have various personalities and each one has their own strengths and weaknesses.

What do you think makes someone strong or weak mentally? If you had to choose between two people with similar skills but opposite personality traits, which would it be?

It’s not easy to answer such questions because they depend on so many factors. However, if you could ask yourself these questions at least once every day, then your life would become easier and you’d probably get better results from your efforts.

You might wonder why I’m talking about this topic. Well, let me tell you: Mental toughness is very important for any kind of job or profession. People who are mentally tough will generally perform better than those who aren’t mentally tough.

They’ll be able to handle stress better, stay focused longer and achieve more.

If you want to succeed in anything, you need mental toughness. It’s true that there are other things that go into being mentally tough (such as determination), but the ability to deal with stress is definitely one of them. When faced with a stressful situation, most people tend to start panicking and lose control over their actions.

That’s when they usually give up before they even begin! But people who are mentally tough stay focused and keep their cool under stress.

So how can you improve your mental toughness so that you can stay focused and in control?

The best way to do this is through various meditation techniques. By training yourself to focus your mind, you can reach a level where you can handle almost any kind of pressure. You may have heard of various meditation exercises before, such as the well known Zen meditation. While these may be good for some, I myself have found a different kind of meditation that works much better for me: Imagery Meditation.

I first heard about this form of meditation from a friend who practices Shotokan Karate. The training involves intense visualization of important aspects of your life, such as a favorite place or activity. I was very skeptical at first, but after years of practice I’ve found that it definitely improves my overall focus and mental toughness.

I would highly recommend that you give some form of meditation a try. If you’re like most people, the first few times will be very difficult. Your mind will wander all over and you’ll have trouble staying focused.

With practice, however, you can perfect your mental toughness and improve your concentration skills.

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So the next time you have a big deadline at work, or need to stay focused while studying for a big examination, take a break and try some meditation. It may just help you improve your mental toughness and get the job done.

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This is a letter I wrote recently to some foreign penpals of mine. This is the first letter I’ve written to them, and this is also the first time I’ve tried meditation.

Dear All,

I’m glad that you found these letters I’ve written to you interesting. In answer to your question, foreign languages have always fascinated me. Growing up in a diverse community, I was always exposed to a wide variety of languages from different parts of the world.

I can still remember going shopping with my mom and hearing people arguing in a language I didn’t understand.

As for myself, I’ve been studying the Japanese language on and off for about four years now. I find it to be very fascinating and I would love to learn it fluently some day. As for books, I’ve always enjoyed reading fantasy novels.

There’s just something about magical worlds and creatures that I find very intriguing.

As for my job, I currently work at a small Japanese restaurant as a waiter. While the pay isn’t great, I find the experience to be rewarding most of the time. My boss is an interesting fellow.

He was born and raised in Japan, but his parents are Chinese. He can speak fluent Japanese, Cantonese and English. He say’s that his favorite language is English, because it’s the one he uses the most in the United States.

Yes, I do find the city to be a bit too crowded at times, but for me, this is still a good place to live. There’s always something new to experience here as well as an opportunity to learn new things. If I ever end up getting married and having children, I’d like for them to grow up here as well.

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Well I guess that about wraps it up for now. Hopefully, I’ll have more interesting tales to tell you next time.

All the best,


The pen pal letters are a fun diversion, but I’ll always have my own stories to tell as well. Over the next few days I will be sharing these memories with you. These memories range from high school, to college and beyond.

I’m looking forward to telling them to you, so please stay tuned for more tales from the sentimental old me.

Until next time, this is That Loyal Writer signing off!

published 2013-04-12

Last modified: 2013-04-12

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